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Why Choose Simulated Keystone Tile to Spruce Up Your Home or Office Decor?

If you are looking to renovate or update your home or office, you might be asking yourself: why choose simulated keystone tile? Manufactured stone veneer and other keystone products are a low-maintenance stone solution for your Florida home or business. As a local manufacturer and installer of faux stone products, Simulated Keystone offers homeowners and contractors a wonderful alternative to real stone that is perfectly suited to the Sunshine State’s climate. 

Our simulated keystone tiles provide all the beauty and authenticity of popular natural stone styles like limestone, sandstone, and granite—without the weight, ongoing care requirements, or high costs associated with real stone. Whether you need an attractive yet resilient option for exterior floors, walls, or countertops, our simulated stone products allow you to achieve a polished look without the worry of cracking, staining, or damage from moisture common with natural stones.

Our Tile is:

  • Impervious to water damage like flooding or hurricanes  
  • Able to withstand hot and humid conditions
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth or mild cleaner
  • Highly scratch and stain-resistant

With over a decade of experience crafting and installing faux stone solutions, Simulated Keystone is your trusted source for tailored designs and expert installation.

A Wonderful Alternative to Real Stone

If you love the luxurious look of stone but shudder at the thought of its weight and upkeep, simulated keystone tile is your perfect match. As Florida homeowners ourselves, we at Simulated Keystone understand the desire to have beautiful natural materials without the hassle. 

Our faux stone products are virtually indistinguishable from real limestone, marble, and granite at a fraction of the mass. Real stone can often weigh thousands of pounds or more per square foot, making it expensive and risky to transport and install. In contrast, our ultra-lightweight tiles are quick and easy for professional installers to handle. You won’t have to worry nearly as much about the structural implications of a stone fixture or dealing with heavy slabs.

Beyond weight savings, our simulated stone is also much easier to maintain long-term. Real stone is porous and susceptible to stains, etching, cracks and chips over time. Our composition stone resists liquids and is non-absorbent, so it won’t harbor molds, mildews or debris in its fine crevices like natural counterparts. Simply wet-wipe our faux tiles as needed for a refreshed look. No more messy sealants, specialized cleaning solutions, or worries about accidentally using an abrasive scrub. 

The beauty of natural stone comes at a significant expense as well. Premium variegates and intricate cuts can cost thousands per square foot. Our replicated tiles are mass-produced using optimized molds so we can offer the same high-end appearances for a fraction of real stone pricing. You get luxury visuals without breaking the budget. 

Give your Florida property reliable beauty it can enjoy for years to come. With simulated keystone tile’s convincing graining and shading plus built-in resilience to stains and climate strains, you receive a wonderfully low-fuss solution that outperforms real stone in many important ways.

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Perfect for Florida's Climate

If there’s one thing we Floridians know, it’s unpredictable weather! Between summer heat waves, indoor/outdoor humidity shifts, and seasonal downpours, traditional building materials can take a beating. Our simulated keystone tiles are crafted to outlast nature’s extremes thanks to their non-porous composition.

Real stone loves to soak up moisture lingering in the air or landing on its surface. All that absorbed dampness makes it vulnerable to deterioration over the years. Whether it’s rain, flooding, or simply our state’s regular Caribbean-like conditions, excess wetness threatens to stain, crack or grow mold on natural materials. Simulated stone just laughs off liquid intruders with its impermeable makeup.

Simulated Keystone

You also won’t have to meticulously seal and reseal cuts of real limestone to prevent water seepage and damage underneath. Our faux tiles form an impermeable barrier so moisture just beads right up and rolls away. No worries about penetrated wetness weakening the stone’s structure from within over the long haul.

When summer temperatures skyrocket, the last thing you want is a stone surface magnifying the tropical heat. Our composite tiles remain pleasantly warm to the touch compared to real stone’s ability to radiate scorching temperatures. Even on the hottest patio, you can sit comfortably without being cooked on our patio stone tiles

Mother Nature also has a way of putting stressed materials to the test. Severe storms, thunderous downpours, winds – our simulated stone is engineered to endure it all without deforming or degrading. Stay relaxed knowing your Florida property investment has a durable guardian against whatever Old Man Gulf throws its way.

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Large Selection to Fit Any Style

With Simulated Keystone, you have an extensive palette to choose from for finding the perfect faux stone match. Whether you’re going for sleek modern sophistication or rustic coastal charm, we have you covered.

Our roster of replicated selections includes:

  • Statuary-style marble with distinctive veining 
  • Soothing Carrara white marble alternatives
  • Cozy flagstone tiles crafted from sandstone likenesses  
  • Heavy limestone tiles with pitted pockmarks and fossils
  • Smooth granite-look tiles in variegated colors

We also carry ledge rock replicas that have sturdy, aged appeal. Have a soft spot for bluestone’s subtle ripples? We can replicate that too. The options are endless!

Beyond variety, we also offer a breadth of formats. Need an enormous centerpiece? We can produce slab tiles spanning 3’ x 6’ of continuous naturalistic pattern. Prefer a more piecemeal look? Our mosaic tiles are expertly trimmed down to subtle miniatures. There’s never a need to sacrifice your design vision. Want large columns to accent your home or office? Take a look here at our simulated keystone columns.

We even cater to custom requests. Have a specific stone sample? We’ll precisely match its colorway, textures and veining under the microscope. Want an exclusive monochrome marble runner? Just share your hue preference. Our talented craftspeople love a bespoke challenge.

Budget in mind too? Mixing textures maintains an organic feel while stretching costs. Try statuary tiles on walls with a ledge rock wainscot or an ogee base. You’ll fall in love with the handcrafted panache.

Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, floor or feature wall, we have the replicas and expert guidance to make any Florida dwelling stand out naturally.

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Expert Craftsmanship and Local Availability

Beyond amazing product quality, you can trust Simulated Keystone for professional installation from start to beautiful finish. Our mission is not complete until you love how your stone enhancements turn out.

As a Florida-based manufacturer, material sourcing and transportation are streamlined. No unnecessary markups eating into your budget or tricky international shipments. We maintain an abundant local stock ready for quick turnarounds. 

Our team of installers undergo intensive training to expertly handle even the most intricate stone applications. Complex mosaic grid layouts, delicate threshold details, multi piece vanity tops – no task is too small or daunting. Perfection is the standard.

Skilled troweling keeps mortar joints wafer thin for an authentically offset look. Steady hands precisely align intricate pieces without gaps or overlapping. Textured surfaces are flawlessly matched to avoid distracting variances.

Installation includes thorough protective measures too. Penetration-proof underlayment shields substrates. Perimeter trim caps are expertly fitted. Exterior edges receive flexible sealant for watertight integrity tested to endure harsh elements.

Simulated KeyStone

Afterwards, enjoy thorough cleaning plus any touch-ups for a mirror-like finish. An on-staff quality controller double checks work before signing off. You’ll love how your space glows with sophisticated polish! 

Need repairs down the line? We’ve got you covered with affordable lifetime warranty coverage and prompt service. Preventative care visits also extend your investment’s lifespan.  

As a recognized leader for over 15 years, you gain more than a product – you gain assurance and expertise with every Simulated Keystone project. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Beautiful Results Without Natural Stone Costs

While natural stones exude luxury, their price tags are certainly not for the faint of heart. When transforming your property, it’s only natural to consider the affordability of high-end fixtures. Simulated keystone tile offers you name-brand sophistication for a budget-conscious cost.

Unlike expensive import marbles fetching thousands per square foot, our replicated tiles are mass-produced using advanced molding machinery. This allows us to pass quality appearances along to you at consumer-friendly price points. 

Rather than shelling out a small fortune for rare granite varietals or exotic limestone blends, you receive the same elegant visuals without maxing out the credit card. Talk about a smart upgrade!

Installation is also far more wallet-friendly compared to schlepping with weighty real stones. Our tiles are a breeze to handle, position and grout into place. Installation moves at a faster clip so you avoid paying for drawn-out intensive labor. 

Routine cleaning is simplified too – no fussing with specialized products just for a little luster. Simple wipe-downs preserve your surfaces between monthly fresh-ups. That’s less money and effort spent maintaining a like-new sheen.

And when it comes time for necessary repairs later on? Cracks, pits or damaged tiles are swapped out affordably versus pricey stone patching or expensive full slab replacements. Extend the beauty for years to come frugally.

We hope the gorgeous design doesn’t have to compromise your finances. With Simulated Keystone tile-crafted duplications, you gain natural luxury on easy installments. Now that’s a bargain you can feel good about!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the durability of simulated keystone compare to real stone options?

Our composite stone surpasses nature for resilience against daily wear and tear. Real limestone etches more easily and marble chips under pressure. Ours remains pristine no matter the traffic or weather thanks to an impervious build.

What type of climate conditions is simulated keystone best suited for?  

There’s no place too sunny, steamy or rainy for our faux stone. As Florida natives, we designed it from the ground up to stand up to this state’s swings between humid heat and moist breezes. Its composition simply laughs off moisture other materials can’t handle. 

What styles and colors of simulated keystone tiles are available?

Our catalog has you covered from cool sophisticated slate to warm desert tones. Vegated marbles, riven ledge stones, fossils galore – we’ve painstakingly replicated the finest worldwide varietals to suit all design preferences. 

What are the estimated costs of a simulated keystone tile installation versus real stone?

Generally, our composite runs anywhere from 20-50% less before installation. Then factor real stone weighs 2-3 times as much, meaning pricier rigging. Overall, we help you achieve luxe finishes within most renovation budgets. Contact us to discuss your budget and vision.

How difficult is it to clean and maintain simulated keystone tile over time?  

A breeze! Simply wipe with soapy water as needed. No sealing, harsh chemicals or elbow grease is required like with porous natural alternatives. Ours keeps beautiful patterns intact with only regular sweeping. Low fuss for life.

Simulated Keystone Corp has been providing Florida clients with incredible simulated keystone decor since the 1980s. We specialize in creating a natural stone look for pool decks, walkways, flooring, walls, ceilings, columns, driveways and more. If you are looking to make your property, home or business more modern or to give it a refreshing new natural look, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.