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What is Florida Keystone Tile?

If your Florida home is in need of an attractive, durable flooring option, you might be asking yourself what is Florida keystone tile and how could it improve my flooring? As a homeowner or contractor in the Sunshine State, you’ve likely come across the term “Florida keystone tile” but may be unsure of exactly what it entails. From Simulated Keystone, this guide will explain all you need to know about keystone tile, from its history and characteristics to common applications and how to select the right style for your project needs. 

Keystone tile is a popular stone product used extensively in Florida for both interior and exterior surfaces like:

  • Backsplashes
  • Flooring 
  • Outdoor patios, pool decks and walkways

Made from natural materials like stone, marble and porcelain, it offers an elegant look as well as desirable qualities like stain, heat and scratch resistance ideal for the state’s climate. Whether you’re undertaking a remodeling job, new construction or simply sprucing up your living areas, learning about keystone tile’s attributes will help you determine if it suits your design goals and budget. 

By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of this versatile material and how Simulated Keystone, a leading Florida stone service provider, can help bring your vision to life through their expertise in installation, repair and more.

Benefits of Using Keystone Tile in Florida

When it comes to home renovations and flooring choices in our sunny state, there are a few key things Florida homeowners look for – durability, easy maintenance and curb appeal that stands the test of time. Keystone tile delivers on all those attributes and more, making it a fantastic option to spruce up your living spaces inside and out.

Durability is arguably the biggest selling point of keystone tile. Made from natural materials like granite, marble, limestone and porcelain, it can withstand all that Florida weather throws its way – from steamy humidity to afternoon downpours. The dense composition of keystone means it resists stains, scratches and cracks caused by regular wear and tear much better than laminate, wood or ceramic tile. No worries about mold or mildew issues in your bathrooms or kitchen either!

Less maintenance is a beautiful thing, especially in Florida’s year-round mild climate which is perfect for spending time outdoors. Keystone tile doesn’t require sealing like some natural stones, so there’s no messy or time-consuming upkeep involved. Simply sweep or mop to clean – no harsh chemicals are needed. Its nonporous glazed surface repels dirt and spills for an easy lifestyle.

Looking good while aging gracefully is another big plus, as keystone tile retains its rich color and lustrous sheen for decades. The timeless appearances suit any interior design style from modern farmhouses to Mediterranean coastal. Whether decorating a new building or giving existing rooms an elegant refresh, keystone translates beautifully inside living areas and out on pool decks, patios and walkways.

Speaking of outdoor usage, why limit yourself when Keystone performs beautifully in sun or shade? Transform your landscaping with low-maintenance flagstone accents or go big with a full backyard overhaul. Feeling inspired? Check out these popular applications:

  • Fireplace surrounds and hearths
  • Entryway floors greeted by poolside mosaics
  • Backyard entertaining spaces with statement tile designs
  • Fresh kitchen backsplashes flowing onto verandas

So in summary – keystone tile stands up to Florida’s heat and tropical climate-like a champ, looks great for years to come, and lets you spend more time relaxing at home instead of tackling tedious maintenance. What are you waiting for, your project awaits! When you’re ready to transform your Florida space, contact Simulated Keystone for a free estimate.

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Common Applications of Keystone Tile in Florida

With its natural beauty and durability, keystone tile is enormously versatile for both residential and commercial projects throughout the Sunshine State. From refreshing coastal abodes to tropical resorts, this versatile material enhances indoor and outdoor living spaces alike. Here are some of its most popular uses:

  • Kitchen Backsplashes: Transform cooking areas into high-end culinary destinations with sleek tile accents like herringbone or geometric mosaic patterns. Coordinate your choice with cabinetry and countertops.
  • Bathroom Renovations: Spruce up showers, tubs and vanity areas with the look of luxury marble without its maintenance demands. Linear mosaics or large-format tiles bring timeless elegance.
  • Outdoor Living Areas: Design resort-worthy outdoor rooms for entertaining with tile fireplaces, bar tops and backdrops. Pools, decks and landscaping also come alive through creative paver layouts.
  • Foyers and Entryways: Set the tone for interior sophistication with high-traffic welcoming zones laid in running bond, herringbone or geometric patterns.
  • Commercial Lobbying: Hotels, spas and businesses exude ambiance through the expansive grand staircase and flooring installations coordinated with architectural elements.

Common Applications of Keystone Tile in Florida

Whether you call for a simple one-area refresh or a total interior overhaul, keystone tile enhances them all. Some statement design ideas to consider include diagonal or chevron patterns layered with inlays of contrasting tones. Mosaic tiles also open new artistic possibilities when grouped en masse.

Ready to transform your space? Simulated Keystone’s artisans have extensive experience with all the looks above and more. Their proficiency handles simple installations as seamlessly as the largest coordinated commercial projects. Rely on the experts to help bring your unique tile vision to vibrant fruition!

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Choosing Keystone Tile for Your Florida Project

Now that you’re eager to spruce up your Florida space with keystone tile, it’s time to select the perfect material. With dozens of styles to choose from in varied textures, patterns and color palettes, narrowing options feels like wandering a treasure trove. Never fear – focusing on a few key factors makes the decision rewarding:

  • Budget: Consider your funding and shop among stone types at different price points like quartzite, slate and porcelain. Quality options suit all budgets.
  • Color Scheme: Do you favor crisp whites, warm earth tones or bold graphic blacks? Inspect samples against existing design aesthetics.
  • Traffic Levels: High-use areas call for extremely dense and durable tiles rated for foot traffic if outdoors. Marble works best in low-traffic zones.
  • Size: Large tiles simplify installation but limit design flexibility. Blend various sizes for visual texture. Mosaics lend detail.
  • Porosity: Non-porous surfaces like quartz resist staining and require no sealing. Porous stone necessitates periodic sealing.
  • Finish: Polished tiles gleam beautifully but show scratches more. Honed or textured surfaces hide imperfections.

Our knowledgeable Simulated Keystone experts can guide you through these choices to land on options best aligned with your lifestyle needs and individual style. We maintain Florida’s premier stone showroom for in-person browsing aids. You could also contact us for more information, to discuss decor options, and plan around your budget.

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Get Expert Stone Services from Simulated Keystone

Now that you understand the benefits of Florida keystone tile, it’s time to turn your design dreams into reality. As the experts in natural stone, Simulated Keystone has over 20 years of experience helping both homeowners and commercial clients throughout the state. Our team of skilled installers can handle any stone project of any size or complexity, from backyard oasis renovations to five-star hotel transformations.

Some of the specialty services we provide include:

  • Keystone tile installation for both interior and exterior applications. We’ll ensure a professional, precise fit for your flooring, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds and more.
  • Stone repairs for surfaces damaged by regular wear, water infiltration or other issues. Our artisans can restore tiles, pavers and other materials to like-new condition.
  • Custom stone fabrication for one-of-a-kind accents and features. Need a bar top, window sills or other custom elements? We’ll work with you to bring your visions to life.
  • Stone resurfacing to reinvent the look of existing surfaces. Tired granite gets new life through techniques like honing, texturizing and more.
  • Outdoor living area installation for landscaping features like walkways, fire pits and outdoor kitchens.
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Through years of hands-on experience, our team has developed time-tested methods for ensuring only the highest quality results. Here’s what else sets our service apart:

  • Industry-leading stone selection from top domestic and international suppliers
  • Courteous and professional crews dedicated to client satisfaction
  • Attention to precision and fine stoneworking details
  • Fully licensed and insured with 24/7 emergency support

Whether navigating permit requirements or sourcing unique materials for your custom vision, Simulated Keystone handles each project seamlessly from start to finish. Reach out today to discuss your needs – we’d love to help your Florida stone dreams come to life!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between granite and keystone tile?

Granite is a natural stone while keystone tile includes natural stone, porcelain and other composite materials. Granite is more porous while keystone options are non-porous, resistant to stains and require no sealing.

How durable is keystone tile for outdoor spaces in Florida’s climate?

Keystone tile withstands Florida’s humidity, heat and tropical storms beautifully. Densely packed compositions prevent warping and protect against mold, mildew and damage from regular wear. 

What setting materials are used to install keystone tile? 

Thin-set mortar is commonly used to adhere to keystone tiles. It offers flexibility to accommodate minor settling and features lightweight installation for large expanses.

Can keystone tile be used for shower walls and flooring?

Yes! Keystone tile suits bathrooms perfectly with its moisture-resistant, non-slip properties. Various patterns complement any style from traditional to modern.

How difficult is it to maintain and clean keystone tile?

Basic sweeping and gentle cleaning solutions keep keystone tile looking pristine. Its non-porous qualities cause no worries about the seal being damaged by chemicals.

Simulated Keystone, founded in 1980, has been a premier solution to costly and hard to clean authentic florida keystone accents and decor. Our products add a touch of authenticity without the true stone prices. Take a look at our gallery to see our beautiful products in action, and take a moment to contact us to begin your renovation journey.