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Simulated Keystone Offers A Wide Selection Of Stone Products In West Palm Beach

Located on Florida’s southern east coast, West Palm Beach is one of the top destinations in the state for luxury homes, outdoor living, and beautiful landscaping. As a homeowner or business owner in the area, you’ll want to enhance your property with high-quality, long-lasting stone materials that withstand the hot Florida climate.

Simulated Keystone Stone has provided homeowners and contractors in West Palm Beach with a wide selection of natural and fake stone products. Whether you need stone walls, floors, outdoor kitchens, or pool decking, our team can help bring your vision to life using top-quality materials like:

  • Palm Beach granite countertops  
  • Palm Beach limestone 
  • Palm Beach marble
  • Simulated stone veneer
  • Modular stone panels
  • Engineered stone slabs

With experience in both commercial and residential applications, we have the expertise to complete any stone project to the highest standards. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer service differentiate us from West Palm Beach stone suppliers. 

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Coral Stone Columns

Coral stone has long been a signature material seen throughout the Palm Beach area, and decorative columns made from this richly textured stone create a stately yet inviting curb appeal. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade your existing entryway, coral stone columns can take your landscaping to the next level.

I’ve seen how coral columns stand the test of time while maintaining their luster. The stone withstands heat, humidity, and storms better than concrete without degrading. Plus, no two coral stones are exactly alike, so your columns will have a one of a kind aesthetic that complements any architectural style.

We offer various styles to suit different tastes, from fluted Classic columns to smoother Tuscan and Ionic designs. Cues come in header and base sets for easy DIY installation, or we offer full-service placement. Custom sizing is available up to 24 inches in diameter.

Our most popular column choice is the Acapulco texture, with its variegated shades of deep gold, white, and brown that evoke the sun-spun coastlines of Palm Beach. Natural indentations and fossils in some coral stones only enhance their vintage charm.

Once installed, our specially formulated sealers protect coral columns while accentuating their earthy colors for decades. Coral is naturally porous but remains mold and mildew-resistant.

If you’ve admired the coral used in local landscaping and architecture, bring that classic Palm Beach look to your property, too. Beyond entryways, coral columns pair beautifully with stone patios, driveway pillars, and poolside pergolas.

Coral columns are an investment that pays off in equity and everyday enjoyment. Call us today to discuss a complimentary design consultation and receive a free estimate on your dream entryway installation. Transform your curb appeal with the timeless quality of natural coral stone columns.

Add Simulated Coral Home Decor to Spruce Up Your Home

Coral Stone and Natural Stone Tile

If you want to upgrade your indoor or outdoor surfaces with an elegant natural material, look no further than coral stone and natural stone tiles. As a South Florida contractor, I’ve seen firsthand how these tiles hold up better than other surfacing options in our climate.

Whether you need new flooring for your entryway, backsplash in the kitchen, or patio by the pool, we have a wide assortment to suit all styles. Some of our most popular indoor/outdoor tile choices include sliced marble from Greece with striking veining, Italian porcelain that looks like luxury natural stone, and luminous crystal quartzite.


For areas that see a lot of use, like showers, hallways, and outdoor living spaces, we recommend durable, non-porous options. Porcelain reproductions of limestone, travertine, and slate are great low-maintenance picks. In lower traffic zones, high-absorption stones like onyx and flagstone add charm and won’t scratch or stain easily.

Custom tile installations are our speciality for large flooring projects, backsplashes, accents, or uniquely shaped spaces. Our masons ensure perfectly aligned grout lines and clean cuts at wall intersections. Both peel-and-stick and traditional thin-set mortar methods are available depending on your surfaces.

We have a great selection of pre-cut modular tiles and user-friendly adhesive kits for do-it-yourself backyard installations. Our experienced team can also provide on-site consultations to help visualize patterns and layouts for your space. After-care tips ensure your tile’s beauty endures through sunny season downpours.   

Coral stone harvested from local quarries is unique in many Palm Beach design schemes. In addition to dimensional tiles and mosaics, we fabricate individual elements like planters, benches, and fountains for one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces.

Transform Your Indoor And Outdoor Environment

Stone and Marble Flooring

Whether designing a new construction home or remodelling an existing one, nothing elevates a room like the luxurious look and feel of natural stone flooring. As a leading stone supplier in West Palm Beach, we can help you find the perfect option to make a statement.

Some of our most popular choices for indoor flooring include polished granite, marble, limestone, and travertine. Granite has a stunning array of unique colour blends like speckled ivory, vivid green, and rich browns. Marble floors add stately elegance with delicate veining in whites, greys, and black. Travertine has an earthy charm with organic swirls and textures.

For high-end kitchens and bathrooms, sleek slate and quartzite stand up to high volumes of water while retaining their shine. Our precision stone fabrication ensures perfectly fitted seams that maximize the floor’s flowy appearance. Stain and scratch-resistant impregnators safeguard your investment.

Outdoor living areas demand low-porosity stones that withstand scorching sun and heavy rains. We offer weathered basalt, desert sandstone, and pebbled limestone for poolsides, lanai floors, and outdoor kitchens. Their natural, non-slip surfaces create safe, inviting spaces.

Installing lime and Florida coral as an accent material brings the romance of Palm Beach surroundings indoors. The option for radiant-heated floors keeps bare feet cozy year-round, too!

Whether laying tile or large-format slabs, our expert masons meticulously level, align, and grout each stone for the utmost durability. Tried-and-true thin-set or innovative uncoupling membrane systems provide worry-free slab placements. Indoor bases get extra protection from essential moisture barriers.

Upgrade your home’s interior and exterior flow with sophisticated, hand-finished natural stone floors. Contact us today for a no-obligation in-home design consultation and receive a quote for your dream flooring. Enhance living comfort and property value through timeless stone.

Outdoor kitchen with Stone

Whether hosting casual weeknight dinners or lavish parties, an outdoor kitchen space maximizes your ability to dine alfresco in West Palm Beach. As the owners of Simulated Keystone Stone, we have transformed countless South Florida backyards into lush outdoor oases centered around beautifully crafted stone kitchens.

Natural stone creates an aesthetic that seamlessly flows between indoor and outdoor living. Some of our favorite materials for kitchen surfaces include polished granite, quartzite, and porcelain tile resembling marble. Their non-porous nature shrugs off moisture, food messes, and weathering.

Consider rough-hewn limestone countertops, coastal fossilized coral, and acacia wood accents for a rustic ambience. Their honour wood grain adds texture without sacrificing functionality. Distressed natural slate brings cafe vibes to outdoor serving stations.

We collaborate with clients on custom layouts tailored to their space and favourite appliances. Integrated grill islands, sink prep areas, and spacious serving counters encourage easy socializing. Subtle stone-tiered seating walls or benches invite lingering around the action. Recessed lighting, ice makers, and charging ports complete the experience.

Quality craftsmanship, like Fully sealed joints between surfaces, withstand spills. Our fabricators precisely measure, cut, and finish every element to last. Textured stone backsplashes protect walls from errant grease.

Whether part of new landscaping or a remodel, an outdoor kitchen elevates lawn gatherings to gourmet events. Contact us to discuss designing the perfect alfresco cooking and dining destination for your Florida property today. You and your guests will enjoy the stone-crafted luxury for years ahead.

Outdoor kitchen with Stone

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average cost of installing stone flooring?

The cost of stone flooring can vary depending on the stone’s type and thickness, the space’s size, and the installation method. On average, expect to pay between $5-15 per square foot for materials and $2-5 per square foot for labor. Factors like intricate cuts, radiant heating, and extra underlayment can increase costs. We provide free estimates to recommend the most cost-effective options.

2. How long does a stone installation project typically take?  

Depending on the size and complexity, most stone projects range from 1-4 days. Bare floor or small backsplash installations may only take a day, while more significant kitchen remodeling could take a whole week. We always schedule jobs to minimize disruption and recommend preliminary prep work like removing existing flooring. Our team of skilled masons expertly places each stone to finish ahead of estimated timeframes.

3. Can stone be used for outdoor kitchen countertops, and how do I maintain it?

Absolutely! Stone is highly durable for outdoor use and, with proper sealing, holds up very well in our Florida climate. Re-apply an impregnating sealer annually and occasionally clean with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals and regularly inspect caulk lines. Some people like to display countertops, while others prefer a protective overhang. We’re happy to recommend low-maintenance choices suited to your lifestyle.

4. What stone options are best for pool decks and patios in the Florida climate?  

Porous limestone and travertine absorb water and need consistent sealing to prevent staining. For low-maintenance options around pools, consider non-porous slate, marble, and quartzite. Synthetic decking materials like Aquadek and porous concrete pavers also hold up well with little cleaning beyond occasional pressure washing. Whatever you choose, working with a pro for site prep, installation, and waterproofing helps protect your investment for years of outdoor enjoyment.

5. How do I repair a cracked stone tile or damaged stone feature in my home?

Small cracks in grout or minor surface damage can typically be repaired with an epoxy kit. Larger tile cracks or structurally compromised areas may require a professional. We offer repair services for features like sills, fireplaces, and balcony floors, so call us first before attempting a DIY fix. A pro can adequately assess the extent of damage, source matching replacement stone, and brilliantly disguise repairs for as-new appearance and longevity.

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Offering a diverse range of both natural and simulated stone products, our team is dedicated to helping homeowners and contractors bring their visions to life. With a focus on quality materials and a commitment to minimizing environmental impact, we provide options that allow you to enjoy the beauty of Keystone without compromising sustainability. Whether you’re in need of stunning stone walls, elegant floors, functional outdoor kitchens, or stylish pool decking, Simulated Keystone Stone is here to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to explore our wide selection and discover the perfect stone solution for your project.