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Simulated Keystone Wall Tiles and Accents

Simulated keystone wall tiles and accents add an elegant beauty to any living space! Simulated Keystone Corporation is your one-stop shop for adding natural beauty and curb appeal through timeless stone solutions. For over 40 years, we have been helping both residential and commercial customers in Florida bring the look of ancient keystone walls and structures to outdoor living and landscaping projects.  

Founded in 1980 in Central Florida, Simulated Keystone was established to offer high-quality faux stone products that emulate the classic aesthetics of real stone, without the heavy maintenance. Our founders recognized the desire for stone’s lasting good looks but knew true masonry comes with challenges like moisture absorption and cracking over time. This is where our simulated and cultured stone products excel – they look just like the real thing yet are lighter, easier to work with, and extremely durable.

Today, we remain committed to crafting stone accents and hardscaping elements that withstand Florida’s humidity and storms. Our product line includes stackable stone pillars, pavers, and tiles for pool decks, patios, and walkways. We are renowned for our authentic-looking manufactured stone walls, facades, and columns that add beauty and value to any home or business. We’ve expanded our collection of simulated keystone wall tiles and accents to give even more options for complementing exterior designs.  Whether it’s a brick accent wall, manufactured stone veneer products, or the distinct beauty of a chosen stone veneer siding, our team can help you choose a genuine stone look that you’ll love!

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What are Simulated Keystone Wall Tiles?

When you picture the stately charm of classic stonework, odds are you’re envisioning structures made with aged limestone, sandstone, or granite ashlars perfectly stacked to withstand the test of time. Our Simulated Keystone wall tiles truly capture this same enduring natural beauty without the brawn required for true masonry. Amazingly, they’re fabricated using advanced composite formulations rather than quarried from the earth.  

  • A Treasure Trove of Tile Textures: Each tile features intricate patterning and complex surfaces that appear 100% authentic. Walk along any undressed stone wall in New England, the Midwest, or Florida and you’ll see the very same uniqueness mimicked across our tile profiles. We’ve captured everything from smooth river-worn cobbles to rough-hewn ledgestone with subtle veining. Textures range from relatively flat to boldly 3-dimensional to suit any architectural style.
  • Thick and Stubbornly Sturdy: While quite a bit lighter than stone, Simulated Keystone wall tiles are no slouch when it comes to durability. Each 12″ x 12″ square checks in at a substantial 3/4″ thickness to withstand impact, expansion, contraction, and years of hot sunny days with sudden thunderstorm drenchings. The malleable material is fully waterproof so tiles can be used indoors around wet areas or outdoors for facades, patios and poolscapes. 
  • Earthy Palette Perfect for Florida Living: Our standard color range pulls inspiration from Mother Nature’s own varied tones. Rich browns evoke the treasures unearthed from ancient riverbeds. Grays mimic granite’s cooling confident presence. Even blues and greens echo seaside stones weathered by crashing waves. Specialty hues can also be ordered for the adventurous. Whether you crave soft pastels to highlight architectural features or eye-catching accents like terracotta or charcoal, chances are we have the shade you love! 

By selecting Simulated Keystone wall tiles for your next project, you’ve taken the first step toward a stylish stone veneer or natural stones addition that looks right at home and stands strong for ages. Call us to chat about applying the finishing touches!

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Planning Your Wall Tile Project

Simulated Keystone

Careful planning upfront for your new decor makes the actual installation a breeze. Consider these key factors as you draft your masterplan:

  • Location, Location, Location: Will tiles decorate an entryway facade, ring a backyard patio, or stone slab line a poolside colonnade? Think about variables like sunlight exposure, rain runoff paths, and potential noise levels from nearby roads. Also, note applicable building codes for exterior walls.
  • Penny-wise Pound-wise: Measure the project area and obtain a tile quantity quote to establish your budget. As with most remodeling, start with priority areas and expand later if desired. Reusing or adapting existing structures like landscape walls further saves costs. 
  • Usage and Design Intent: Will the space be for entertaining, ambient lighting, or privacy screening? Get creative – consider tones that complement surrounding plant beds or play off architectural elements. A simple running bond pattern suits almost any style from traditional to contemporary.
  • Take it for a Test Drive: Before installing a single tile, we highly recommend creating a small physical or digital mock-up. Use poster board or modeling software to lay out your selected pattern, grout lines and accents at 1/4″ scale. This small investment pays off tenfold by helping visualize and tweak the final look.

Proper preparation ensures the simulated stone appearance endures for decades. Call and let our team work with you to plan and prepare for the installation process.

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Common Wall Tile Installation Patterns

Now that prepping work is complete, the fun part begins – getting your hands on those gorgeous tiles! While installation may sound daunting, breaking it down into bite-sized patterns makes the process smooth as applying grout. Here are three classic options showcased in our sample wall:

  • Running Bond: Simple Simplicity – Our most popular pattern by far, running bond flows in horizontal rows like an ongoing ribbon. It’s the perfect choice when you want the wall to recede into the background beautifully. Simply alternate overlapping short and long edges from row to row for ruler-straight results. 
  • Stacked Bond: Stacked with Style: For something taller and brawnier, try the stacked bond look. Here, tiles are installed vertically in an offset stack formation just like old fieldstone walls. The staggered breaks between rows add visual depth and texture while remaining very manageable. 
  • Herringbone Weaves Harmony: The interlocking herringbone or basket weave is a real showstopper. Though it requires some incentive at first, the interlacing tiles are surprisingly simple to position once you map guidelines. Leave enough spacing for grouting lines to shine later on. Tape stringlines prominently on the wall before starting for a polished herringbone.

Whichever pattern you pick, first dry-lay tiles to eyeball proportions. Set aside 5-10% extra for cuts. Begin tiling from a corner, using spacers to maintain even gaps. Our flexible composite material makes minor adjustments forgiving. As rows progress, double check lines stay plum and true. Your guests will ooh and aah, never guessing the ease behind its picture perfect installation. Now go get creative with those tiles!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean sealed wall tiles?

Keeping wall tiles looking their best is a breeze! Simply spray on a gentle cleaner, let it dissolve any dirt or grime, then rinse thoroughly with a garden hose. For tough stains, a soft bristle brush does the trick. Just be sure to always test cleaners in hidden spots first. Our grout lines are sealed right as part of the process.

What’s the best way to cut the tiles?

Cutting tiles to size feels way more intimidating than it really is. Just score the surface firmly using an angle grinder with a diamond blade. Go slow, apply steady pressure, and voila – the tile pops right off! No heavy lifting or muscle needed. Might want some safety glasses though to avoid loose grit.

Are the tiles suitable for exterior/poolside use?

Totally poolside perfect! Our durability and waterproof construction means tiles laugh off humidity, heat and whatever Florida’s ever-changing weather tosses their way. No worries installing around spillover edges or sprinklers either. Even waves slapping won’t hurt ’em, so swim and entertain stress-free.

How long do the tiles typically last?

With proper sealing and maintenance, Simulated Keystone tiles will last 20+ years before any weathering is noticeable. Some of our original 1980 installations are still going strong!

Can the tiles be used as a fireplace surround? You bet – the fireproof material is suitable as a surround or decorative border around outdoor or indoor fireplaces when following hearth extension guidelines.

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From the first time we laid in 1980 to the multi-ton walls, columns, and pavers going in today, our team at Simulated Keystone Corporation is fully committed to natural aesthetics crafted to endure. By drawing design inspiration from classical architecture, our tiles lend welcoming curb appeal that boosts both beauty and property value. So whether you opt for a cozy stacked bond surround around the pool, a decorative brick ledge or a grand running bond facade on the home’s exterior, faux stone solutions will seamlessly enhance landscapes for years to come.