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Whether you’re looking to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces or need a durable paving solution for high-traffic areas, Simulated Keystone stone pavers should be at the top of your list. As a leading supplier of all types of stone products in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Simulated Keystone offers a wide selection of faux keystone pavers that look just like the real thing.

Manufactured using the latest casting techniques and pigments to replicate the texture and colors of natural stone, our simulated keystone pavers provide the charm and beauty of traditional materials without their associated costs or maintenance requirements. They are impervious to stains, cracks, and weathering, making them an ideal choice for pool decks, patios, walkways, and driveways that require low-maintenance upkeep.

Whether you live in Fort Lauderdale and need pavers for a residential project, or own a business property looking to refresh the exterior, our simulated keystone pavers allow you to achieve an elegant natural stone aesthetic without compromising on durability or budget. In this article, we delve deeper into their features and applications to help you determine if they are the right fit for your needs.

A Realistic Alternative to Natural Stone

If you’re like most homeowners, you likely appreciate the classic beauty and charm that natural stone lends to outdoor spaces. However, many are deterred by the high costs and maintenance associated with real materials like granite, limestone, or slate. This is where simulated keystone pavers shine as a practical and affordable substitute. 

Made from the same high-quality composites used in the construction industry, these faux stones are virtually indistinguishable from the natural thing at a fraction of the price. The manufacturing process injects real stone textures and aggregates into molds under high pressure, locking in an authentic appearance that fools even the most discerning eyes. 

I’m always impressed by the level of detail our artisans put into replicating the unique veining, color variations, and pitted surfaces you see in nature. It’s like they chiseled these pavers by hand from solid rock! The realistic impressions left by pebbles, fossils, and iron deposits give each piece tremendous visual depth and interest.

When installing my new pool deck last year, I was torn between the high maintenance of real travertine and the charm of the natural material. Our simulated keystone pavers provided the best of both worlds. They matched my home’s design aesthetic while ensuring easy cleanup of dirt and leaves for years to come. No more sealing or jet washing – just a quick hose-down keeps them pristine.

Another perk is the pavers are impervious to stains from things like oil, wine, or food. I don’t have to stress over spills or keeping the kids and pets away from certain areas. And forget about cracks or crumbling from freeze-thaw cycles like with concrete. These faux stones can withstand the test of time with minimal wear and tear.

Whether you’re working with a tight budget or desire low-fuss upkeep, our simulated keystone collection has you covered with all the beauty of nature’s finest materials. Give them a look – I promise you won’t be able to tell the difference!

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Applications and Installation of Simulated Keystone Pavers

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor living spaces, the options for using simulated keystone pavers are endless. From simple walkways to expansive pool decks and patios, these versatile stones allow you to achieve beautiful designs suited to any budget or project scope.  

Walkways are a classic starting point for any landscape makeover. Laying pavers in a running bond or herringbone pattern makes a stylish path that stands up to foot traffic year-round. For extra traction, consider our textured tile varieties that won’t slip when wet.

Entertaining areas like patios are a breeze with these low-maintenance pavers. Create defined seating zones using different shapes and hues. The pavers’ impervious surface means no worries about spills or stains from kids’ snacks and drinks. 

If you have a pool, our pavers are a must for the surrounding deck. The underfoot comfort and slip resistance provide safe footing whether you’re lounging or playing games. I love how easy they are to sweep clean after parties too!

Installation is simple for DIY homeowners. The most important step is preparing a sturdy bed of compacted gravel first. Then it’s just a matter of laying out pavers in your desired pattern, adding polymeric sand or concrete adhesive between the joints, and tamping to level. 

Proper compaction from the start ensures long-lasting stability. Use straightedges to align pavers as you work across the surface. Our pavers even come pre-scored on the back for snap cutting with a masonry saw if needed.

Consider calling our experienced installers for large or complex projects like driveways. They can complete the job quickly with precise results. Either way, you’ll enjoy the natural charm and durability of these beautiful pavers for many relaxing seasons outdoors.

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Choosing the Right Pavers for Your Project

Now that you’re ready to transform your space with simulated keystone pavers, the fun part begins – selecting the perfect style! With so many colors, sizes, shapes, and surface textures available, it’s important to consider a few key factors for your specific project.

Color is first on everyone’s minds. Our natural stone-inspired hues range from warm sandy beiges to deep charcoals and earthy reds. Look through samples or our online gallery until you find ones that complement your home and landscape design. 

Size matters too based on the application. Larger pavers work well for open patio floors, while smaller or thin versions create a more detailed walkway. Irregular shapes can mimic the real thing, but stick with uniform pieces for polished pool decks.

Texture also affects visual flow and slip resistance. Honed pavers have a smooth consistency ideal for indoor-outdoor living, while a light sandblast adds a subtle grip. For high-traffic zones, a textured or ribbed surface provides safe footing in any condition.

Permeability is crucial for drainage. Choose porous pavers for grass or planting beds that need water infiltration. Or go with non-porous pool decks and patios where waterproofing is key.

Consider special finishes too – some of our pavers have a natural cleft-face detail or realistic pitting that enhances their rustic charm. We also offer multi-toned blends to mimic variegated stone.

Browsing our sample library in person is the best way to visualize options for your unique space. Our experienced team can also provide recommendations tailored to your design goals and budget. With the right paver selection, your project is guaranteed to make a lasting impression!

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Choosing between Permeable and Non-Permeable Pavers

When selecting pavers, one of the most important decisions is whether to go with a permeable or non-permeable option. This will largely depend on the specific area you’re working with and your drainage needs. 

Permeable pavers are a great eco-friendly choice for landscaping elements like walkways winding through planting beds. Their porous design allows rainfall and excess water to filter directly through to the soil below instead of pooling on top. This prevents puddling and runoff issues.

I used permeable pavers for the pathway leading up to my front porch. It has saved me tons of hassle compared to solid concrete which would flood that area every time it rains. Plus the pavers look just as nice surrounded by flowers and shrubs!

However, non-permeable versions are preferable for high-traffic or hardscaped zones that require a waterproof surface, like pool decks, patios, and driveways. The solid construction prevents moisture from penetrating underneath where it could cause problems. 

Our non-porous pavers are impervious to stains and spills too, making them ideal for entertaining spaces. No more worries about red wine or kids’ juice boxes seeping into porous material and staining. Just spray clean as needed.

Of course, proper site grading is key with either option to ensure water flows away from your home’s foundation. But choosing the right degree of permeability upfront saves future headaches down the road.

Stop by our showroom and we can help you sample both types applied to real landscape photos of your property. This will help determine the best permeable or non-permeable solution tailored to your specific drainage conditions.

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Maintenance and Care for Simulated Keystone Pavers

After the fun of designing and installing your new paver project comes the (almost) no-maintenance enjoyment! These synthetic stones are engineered to require minimal upkeep while retaining their beauty for decades. 

Simple cleaning keeps them looking their best. A quick spray down with a hose rids the surface of dirt, leaves, and grime each season. For tougher messes, a pH-neutral cleaner or diluted bleach solution works great. Just take care not to use harsh chemicals that could damage the sealers over time.

Weeds trying to take root between joints is also common on new installations as surrounding soil washes down at first. Don’t worry – a simple pull or spray with natural weed killer takes care of these pesky intruders without harming your pavers. 

Resealing is the one task homeowners sometimes overlook but is important to protect the pavers, especially in high-traffic or coastal zones with salt air exposure. We recommend reapplying a non-film-forming sealer every 3-5 years depending on use and conditions. 

Look for signs it’s time like spilled liquids no longer beading up and instead soaking in. Resealing is a quick DIY process of scrubbing away any dirt and applying a fresh coat to refresh the protective barrier. This keeps stains, water, and de-icing salts from penetrating the pores over many more seasons of enjoyment.

With such low-fuss upkeep, you’ll have more time to relax and entertain outdoors! Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any other questions. We’re always here to help keep your pavers in tip-top shape for years of use and beauty.

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Maintenance and Care for Simulated Keystone Pavers

How do simulated keystone pavers compare to natural stone in terms of durability and maintenance? 

Our pavers offer the same longevity as natural stone but with even less upkeep. They resist stains, cracks, and weathering so you won’t have to seal or repair them. A quick rinse keeps them looking pristine for decades!

What type of adhesive or setting bed is recommended for installing simulated keystone pavers?

For small areas, our pre-mixed concrete adhesive bonds pavers securely. Large patios require a sturdy 4-inch gravel base tamped firm first. This distributes weight and prevents shifting. 

Can simulated keystone pavers be used for high-traffic areas like driveways?  

Absolutely! Our pavers withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic. The dense composite won’t rust or deteriorate like other materials. Driveways installed by our pros have a lifetime guarantee!

Is it difficult to cut simulated keystone pavers to size during installation?

Not at all – they cut easily with a masonry saw. Most homeowners can trim pavers on-site. We also offer custom sizing and pre-cut options for complex projects.

What is the average cost of simulated keystone pavers per square foot compared to other paving options?

On average, our pavers offer significant savings versus natural stone at $3-5 per square foot. They provide the same beauty for a fraction of granite or limestone $10-15+ per square foot cost. Quality materials with affordable pricing!

At Simulated Keystone, we provide that special esthetic perfectly replicated from coral stone slabs. Each tile, slab, panel, column, or pool project will be made complete by our professionals compared to other companies. Founded in 1980, our team will bring you the look of a dwindling natural resource without the negative impacts to the environment. Make Simulated Keystone your company of choice for all your exterior and interior design needs.

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