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Simulated Keystone has been a leading provider of faux stone landscape products in Florida since 1980. Located in Florida, we offer a wide selection of materials for pool decks, patios, driveways, and more.  

Our specialty is creating the look of natural stone through simulated and faux stone products. Simulated stone, sometimes called cultured stone or manufactured stone, is a mixture of cement, sand, and pigments that is cast into realistic patterns to resemble natural stone like limestone, granite, and slate. 

The advantages of simulated stone include:

  • Lower cost compared to real stone installation
  • A wider variety of styles, colors, and textures  
  • Less maintenance than real stone which needs sealing
  • Won’t chip, crack, or fade like natural stone can over tim

With over 40 years of experience, our knowledgeable team can help you select the ideal pool decking material for your lifestyle and budget. Whether you want the durability of concrete, the low maintenance of porcelain tile, or the natural charm of stacked stone, we have an option that suits your needs.

The purpose of this guide is to break down your simulated stone pool decking options, compare materials, explain installation, and provide helpful maintenance tips. By the end, you’ll be fully equipped to choose the best faux stone material to complement your pool area and home. Let’s get started with an overview of the decking materials we offer at Simulated Keystone!

Turn Your Outdoor Space Into An Oasis

Faux Stone Pool Decking Options

Our flagship product here at Simulated Keystone is our simulated limestone pavers and tiles. These tiles are molded from a concrete mix and sealed to replicate the colors and textures of natural limestone. Homeowners love the vintage, timeworn look they create around pools.


The tiles lock together like a jigsaw puzzle for a seamless installation. Their interlocking design makes for a sturdy deck that won’t shift or settle over time. Pressure washing renews the “aged” appearance without damage. Best of all, they are extremely water-resistant so chlorine and salt won’t cause fading or staining like untreated natural stone.  

Stain and Fade Resistance

With small kids or regular pool parties, spilled drinks and footprints are inevitable on a pool deck. The dense concrete composition of our tiles means cleanups are simple with just soap and water. No stripping and resealing are required like some natural stones!

Concrete Pool Deck Tiles

For a smooth underfoot and classic design, our concrete tiles are top contenders. They are essentially small slabs of concrete with a variety of embossed finishes applied. Colors range from neutral grey and charcoal to bright tropical shades like blue and seafoam green.

Concrete tiles stand up well against the elements and require very little maintenance beyond an occasional pressure wash. Resealing every few years protects the color and prevents algae growth. The tiles interlock securely and won’t pull apart like some natural stone alternatives.

Long-Lasting and Low-Fuss

With such density and durability, concrete tiles ensure your deck’s good looks are built to last for 20+ years with minimal care. No need to worry about cracks or chips allowing moisture infiltration over time either. Just spray, sweep, and go!

Porcelain Pool Deck Tiles  

Our porcelain options effortlessly mimic the genuine textures of travertine, slate, and other natural materials. With up to four patterned sides, you can create the realistic illusion of different stones by skillfully mixing and matching colors and textures. 

A huge perk is that porcelain is non-porous, so it does not need sealing like other materials. Just scrub periodic algae growth and pressure wash as desired – no worry about liquids permeating the surface. The color and detailing are baked right into each tile rather than merely surface deep.

Authentic Appearance Without Work  

Enjoy the aesthetic richness of an authentic-looking natural stone deck without the sealing, staining, or slippage concerns of real travertine or marble. Our porcelain tiles are designed to require only minimal routine cleaning for maximum relaxation around your pool.


Bring Your Look To Life With Our Tiles

Installation Process

The most important step when installing a new faux stone pool deck is preparation. Take time to fully clean and level the base you’ll be laying tiles over. This ensures good drainage and prevents unevenness down the line. 


For existing concrete, use a pressure washer, wire brush, or masonry grinding machine to remove any dirt, oil stains, or loose materials. New concrete should be fully cured for 28 days before installation. Patios built over dirt or grass require a sturdy leveled base of gravel or compacted crushed stone first.

Layout and Edge Restraints

With the base prepared, take measurements and plan your tile layout. Many professionals start around the pool’s equator and work outward. Don’t forget to include edge tiles or install Edge Restraint kits to contain the sand infill under tile sides. Mix small batches of adhesive as needed to avoid drying. 

Tile Adhesive and Spacers 

We recommend a latex-modified thin-set adhesive to secure tiles that dries quickly. Spread it evenly using a 1/4″ notched trowel. Place tiles with built-in spacers between them or use plastic shims to ensure consistent spaces for grouting. Tap tiles with a rubber grout float as you work to set them level. 

Grouting Process

After all the tiles are in place, it’s time to grout! For roof decks, opt for an exterior-rated sanded grout in a coordinating color. Apply grout with a rubber grout float, pressing it firmly into spaces. Wipe tiles swiftly with a damp sponge, rinsing frequently, to grind excess grout off. 

Allow a full cure according to package directions before applying a liquid grout sealer. This protects against water staining and makes future cleaning a breeze. Your faux stone deck will be ready to relax in no time!

Post-Installation Care

Periodic cleaning keeps any algae or mildew at bay. Sweeping and then pressure washing is typically all that’s needed. Reapply grout sealer every couple of years to maintain the look. Apply liberal coats of sealer to any new cut edges if adding planters or benches later too. With some TLC, your simulated stone deck will stay in great shape for many relaxing pool seasons ahead!

Your Stone Deck Will Look Beautiful For Years To Come

Simulated Keystone

Maintenance Requirements

The best maintenance for your faux stone pool deck comes down to regular sweeping and pressure washing. How often you need to do this depends on things like pool chemical levels, weather, and use of the area. 

As a general rule:

  • Sweep up debris 1-2 times per week during swimming season
  • Pressure wash lightly every 2-4 weeks to prevent algae growth 
  • For heavy-use areas, you may need weekly sweeping and biweekly power washing


Taking 5 minutes for a quick sweep makes a big difference. It prevents dirt and grit from grinding into the grout lines over time. 

Reapplying Protective Sealers

Resealing is important to maintain the color and sheen of your decking material. For high-traffic areas around pools, plan to reapply grout sealant every 1-2 years. 

Mark your calendar for fall so it’s freshly sealed before the busy summer months. Prep the surface by pressure washing first. Allow to fully dry before applying new thin coats of sealer with a paintbrush.

Specifics for Saltwater Pools  

The salt in saltwater pools can be harsher on decking and call for some extra TLC. Rinse off any salt residue after swimming and sweep more frequently, like weekly. You may also need to reseal grout lines every 12-18 months rather than biannually.


The good news is with proper care, simulated stone stands up well to chlorine and salt. Just be diligent about quick cleanups and preventative sealer reapplication.

Winterizing Your Northern Decks

If you have a pool deck in colder climates, protect it during freezing temps. Sweep away leaves and debris before their acids can stain the deck. In very northern areas, consider removing exterior furniture and draining nearby fountains/water features before the first frost. A cozy winter cover keeps everything safe to enjoy again come warmer months!

Follow These Tips For Proper Maintenance On Your Pool Deck

Complementary Products

No pool area is complete without the perfect accompaniments to pull it all together. Here are some of the versatile stone products we offer to up your outdoor oasis:

Stacked Stone Retaining Walls

The rugged charm of natural stacked stone elevates any landscape. We can craft durable walls from our simulated stacked stones at various heights, angles, and styles. Use them to build raised planters, define garden beds, or shore up a hillside.

Our molded stone blocks interlock securely yet allow for creative liberty in your design. Choose a blend of warm beige tones for a beachy vibe or cool grays to blend into rocky terrain. Stacked stone walls lend architectural nuance wherever you need some structure in the yard.

Outdoor Living Areas

Plan BBQ nights and movie marathons outdoors year-round with a full outdoor kitchen or cozy fireplace. Our faux limestone and concrete pavers are perfect for these high-traffic spaces. Completing the scene are smooth granite-style countertops and a chimney wrapped in realistic flagstone.

You and your guests will stay comfortable in any weather with strategically placed ceiling fans, powered by electrical outlets cleverly concealed behind our stone facade panels. Linger long after the sun sets!

Fountains and Basins

Whether bubbling calmly or cascading down multiple levels, the soothing sounds of moving water enhance any outdoor space. We craft custom fountains in the same durable materials as our deck tiles for flawless visual continuity. Pair with sculpted basins to catch and recirculate water through built-in pumps.

Custom Address Markers

Distinguish your property with stately numbers or your family name carved into a handsome simulated stone sign. Pillars, planter boxes, and artistic wall hangings in matching materials complete the polished curb appeal. Welcome guests in style while tying the whole venue together in one cohesive vision.

Pricing Considerations

Pricing a new faux stone deck or landscape project involves a few key factors. Material choice has a big impact—porcelain will generally cost more than concrete, for example. Other determinants include design complexity, special features, and of course, total square footage. 


Rest assured, even the most elaborate designs remain highly competitive compared to real stone. Simulated options still provide that coveted natural charm at a fraction of the cost.

Getting a Quote 

The first step is consulting one of our experienced design teams. They’ll take accurate measurements of the area, review your style preferences, and provide a free in-home consultation.  


Using proprietary estimating software, our specialists factor in all relevant criteria to generate a detailed proposal. This covers supply, installation labor by our certified installers, associated costs like permits if needed, and projected timeline.


For larger jobs, it may be possible to split final payments into affordable installments upon completion of major phases. Just communicate your needs during the estimate process to explore the best alternative.

The result is a worry-free, turnkey project within your means. You can kick back and let us handle all the work so you can start enjoying your fantastic new space sooner!

Affordable Faux Stones For Every Project 


We appreciate you taking the time to learn about the faux stone products and services offered by Simulated Keystone. With over 40 years in the industry, our team of skilled artisans has transformed countless backyard paradises across Florida.

Whether you need a full-fledged poolside oasis or simple enhancements, our experience ensures an impeccable finish within budget. Customers consistently rave about the:


  • Lifelike aesthetics and textures of our simulated stone options  
  • Dust-free and mess-free installation process
  • Hassle-free maintenance that keeps their spaces gorgeous for years

Here at Simulated Keystone, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind our craftsmanship with an industry-leading warranty and lifetime technical support. A knowledgeable account manager will be assigned to your project from design through completion.


Are you ready to bring your poolside vision to life? We make it simpler than ever to get started. 

Give us a call to request your FREE in-home design consultation. One of our representatives will walk you through our portfolio of styles, answer any Stone Facade questions, and provide a preliminary budget quote.

We look forward to helping you create an elegant, relaxing backyard retreat for your Florida lifestyle!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which material holds up best around pools?

Our concrete and porcelain tiles are super durable around pools. Concrete is very dense so it won’t absorb stains. Porcelain is non-porous, making it highly resistant to chemicals in pool water. Both options can last 20+ years with minimal maintenance.

How do I choose between tile shapes/sizes? 

Look at the area you need to cover and how you want the deck to flow or draw the eye. Rectangles allow geometric patterns while natural stone uses various shapes. Mix sizes to mimic real rock formations or go uniform for a sleek modern look. Schedule a design consultation – we can help visualize options!

Will the material stain or fade from pool chemicals?

Properly sealed concrete and porcelain are highly water and chemical-resistant. They won’t hold stains like natural stone can. Just periodically rinse debris and pressure wash – no need for harsh strippers. Concrete may lighten slightly over time but won’t fade patchily like untreated materials. 

How long does an installation take?

Most pool deck installations require 3-5 days depending on the size, material, and complexity of the design. Large decks may take up to a week. We’re fast and efficient but never compromise on quality! Our experienced crews ensure a smooth turnkey process.

Transform Your Pool Deck Into An Outdoor Oasis