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Simulated Keystone Pool Deck Installation Adds a Fresh New Look to Your Property

Nothing upgrades your backyard oasis like a beautifully designed simulated keystone pool deck installation. Whether you want to maximize usable space, update your home’s curb appeal, or simply enjoy relaxing by the water without compromising comfort, a simulated stone pool deck from Simulated Keystone can satisfy all your needs.

Made from durable composite materials indistinguishable from real stone, our faux keystone tiles offer the natural aesthetics of quarried stone at a fraction of the cost. As a Florida home, you want a poolside surface that stands up to our state’s hot sun and rain. Our simulated stone won’t crack, chip, or fade like concrete can over time.

  • Low maintenance without the high price tag of real stone
  • Variety of color and style options to complement any landscaping 
  • Naturally porous and permeable for a safer, slip-resistant surface

Here at Simulated Keystone, we are experts in all kinds of artificial stone installations including pool decks, patios, walkways and more. Our experienced Florida-based team can expertly remove existing decking and install your new simulated keystone surface with precision and care. Contact us today for your free estimate on a beautiful new pool deck using the latest faux stone technologies. Transform your backyard oasis this season!

Planning Your Pool Deck Makeover

So you’re ready to resurface that old, tired concrete pool deck and give your backyard oasis a refresh, huh? Planning makes all the difference between a do-it-yourself disaster and a professionally installed dreamscape. As the experts in simulated stone and pool design, let’s walk through exactly what it takes to get this project done right.

Start by measuring your entire deck space and sketching some layout ideas. How do you normally use this area? Do you entertain often? Kids doing cannonballs? Think about flow and functionality. Once you know your dimensions, we can ensure you buy only what you need of materials. 

  • Measure length and width in feet, also note any obstacles 
  • Draw a rough diagram of fixtures and furniture placement ideas
  • Consider social activities like lounging or grilling spaces

Next, pick your materials. The big options are porous pavers like our fiber-concrete tiles, pebble tech surfaces, or natural-looking composite stones that last decades with minimal upkeep. Each has pros like drainage, durability or color options to consider. 

We’ll come out for a free consultation and material samples to find the ideal fit for your style and budget. They say the designer makes 70% of the project’s cost in material selection alone!

  • Fibercrete: Slip-resistant and permeable in lots of colors  
  • Composites: Indistinguishable from quarried stone, low cost
  • Pebble Tech: Smooth, seamless surface good for entertaining

Once you’re ready to schedule installation, we mobilize our trained pool deck specialists and get started! Keep reading for a peek inside our process from demolition to the big reveal. No job is too complex for the pros at Simulated Keystone – we handle everything to your satisfaction.

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Common Pool Deck Material Types

When it comes to decking your backyard’s wet zone, you’ve got options. But which material is best? Let’s break down the pros and cons of popular choices so you can pick your perfect poolside pal.

Porcelain Pavers: These tile lookalikes are colorfast and impervious, making them extremely low maintenance. We’re talking no stains, no fading. Porcelain breathes while locking out moisture too. Downsides? The initial cost is higher and it lacks the natural appeal of stone. 

Natural Stone: Now this option oozes backyard bliss with a rustic aesthetic. Limestone, slate and sandstone bring a timeless touch. Unfortunately, real rock requires sealing and can crack or stain over the years. Winter climates may damage surfaces more quickly too.

Concrete: Budget-friendly concrete lasts for ages when properly sealed. But like natural stone, it needs sealing and can show yellowing or damage like spalling in colder areas. Pools with lots of splashing may see concrete deteriorate somewhat faster too.

Simulated KeyStone

Composite Stone: Crafted to resemble slate, limestone and more, faux stones like our Simulated Keystone line are a favorite. Indistinguishable from nature’s real deal, they stay beautiful with minimal fuss. Plus our composites are freeze-thaw resistant down here in Florida. Win-win! 

Now for your high-traffic, high-style areas that see lots of feet and fun, Pebble Tech is a top-grade product that can’t be beaten. Seamlessly overlaying existing decks, its ultra-smooth stamped concrete surface stays looking like new with basic cleanings.

So as you can see, with both performance and aesthetics in mind, our simulated stone products deliver concrete’s durability with natural stone’s charm at a more affordable price point. No wonder they’re the obvious choice for discerning Florida homeowners like yourself!

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The Installation Process

Alright, you’ve chosen your dream deck material and scheduled the install dates – now it’s time for the fun part! As the experts, we’ll handle everything from start to finish with minimum disruption to your backyard bliss. 

Our first step is prepping the work zone and protecting any landscaping. Out comes the old concrete or decking using heavy machinery. We’ve got power tools! Underneath, we check the compacted soil or sand base and make any repairs.

  • Cordon off the work area and lay tarps for debris collection
  • Remove the existing surface down to the substrate 
  • Inspect base for integrity and drainage

Next comes smoothing and leveling the substrate in sections, building it up with sand or stone dust as needed. Perfectly flat is key for a seamless finished product. Once dry, we lay out straight edges and run guide strings for laser-straight tile installation.  

Time to start laying your new decking material! Faux keystone patterns or uniform pavers/tiles are set in a polymeric sand or concrete adhesive designed for pool deck surfaces. Specialized tools ensure the most precise alignment.

  • Grade and level substrate with rakes and floats  
  • Install straight edges and string lines for the layout
  • Set tile/pavers with a bonding agent, and use spacers between

After allowing the bonding agent to cure partly, we grout all joints and wipe them clean. Then it’s time to admire our handiwork! But wait, there’s protecting and sealing too. Final coats of high-quality, stain-resistant sealant mean less future maintenance for you.

And just like that, your backyard oasis has a new look worthy of any design magazine spread. Kicking back with friends and family on your brand new simulated stone deck, cold drinks in hand, you’ll be so glad you left the installation to the pros here at Simulated Keystone. Now that’s what we call poolside bliss!

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Walkways & Paths

Simulated KeyStone

Congratulations on your new poolside oasis! Now that the installation is complete, you’ll want your simulated stone deck looking fresh for years of backyard fun. Luckily with a little TLC, it can stay just as gorgeous as the day we finished the job.

Start by sweeping or blowing off any debris to prevent scratches. Stains are no match for mild dish soap and a garden hose – just spray, scrub lightly, then rinse clean. Too much scrubbing could damage the sealed surface over time, so go easy.

  • Sweep or blow off loose dirt before it grinds in 
  • Spot clean any spills immediately
  • Use a soft brush and dish soap only—no abrasives!

Speaking of sealing, this protective topcoat may need to be reapplied every few years or after power washing. Harsh chemicals could also degrade the seal faster. We recommend our customers stick to PH-balanced, non-acidic cleaners. 

To save on future repair costs down the line, try rubber-capped furniture legs on any moveable items instead of dragging them across tiles. Pool chemicals and chlorine shouldn’t stain with regular rinsing, but quick wiping can’t hurt.

When it comes time to reseal, let the Simulated Keystone Pros handle it for the most uniform protection. We’re happy to inspect your deck annually and offer maintenance packages too. Minor repairs? No problem – we know these materials inside and out.

With some simple TLC, your waterproof porous patio can stay looking spectacular for many swim seasons ahead. Our durable composite stone ensures low-maintenance beauty and safety for your family’s backyard oasis. Now turn up the tunes and dive right in!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will a simulated stone pool deck last?

If properly maintained, a simulated stone deck can look as good as new for 15-20 years! Our composite materials resist weathering, stains and cracking like concrete. With minimal annual sealing, it’ll outlast most other decking options out there. 

What is the average cost of installing a simulated stone pool deck?

Prices vary depending on materials, size and location. We aim to provide fair quotes and work with all budgets. The beauty of faux stone is a luxe look at an affordable price point for your backyard oasis.

How much maintenance does a simulated stone pool deck require?

With basic sweeping and an occasional wash, your new deck essentially takes care of itself! No more sealing or stains to wrestle with. Heavy-duty protection means low maintenance so you can enjoy relaxation, not chores. Our trained professionals also offer annual service packages.

Can a simulated stone pool deck get slippery when wet?

While smoother textures can be slippery when first wet, our textured faux stone surfaces have a non-slip finish safe for bare feet. Proper grout sealing also helps eliminate puddles. For ultimate safety, we recommend caution after rain until completely dry.

Is a permit required for a simulated stone pool deck installation in my area? 

Permit requirements vary by location, so it’s best to check with your municipality beforehand. In many areas, permits are only necessary for structural changes like adding sq. footage. To be sure, just ask us or your local building department before starting your project. We’re happy to help navigate local regulations.

Simulated Keystone Corp has been accentuating pool decks and outdoor space for clients for decades in the Florida Keys, East to West Coasts and in the Panhandle. More so than pool decks, we also specialize in flooring, walls, wall accents, columns, driveways, walkways and more. If you are looking to add a natural and modern look to your property, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. We are on standby, ready to help you achieve your renovation goals!