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Simulated Keystone Pavers- With Grass or Without

For homeowners seeking a versatile, durable option for landscaping and hardscaping projects, simulated keystone pavers are an attractive choice. Simulated Keystone pavers create the natural aesthetic of real bluestone or other types of stone but with enhanced benefits.  Founded in 1980, Simulated Keystone is one of the pioneers of modern simulated stone products. As a Florida-based company with over 40 years of experience, they were among the first to perfect replicating the appearance of traditional stone through innovative manufacturing processes.

Simulated keystone pavers offer homeowners the charm of natural materials without the high costs and maintenance requirements of real stone. They are lightweight for easier installation than quarried stone and can be cut and shaped on-site with standard power tools. Offering exceptional resilience to weathering, staining, cracking, and other damage, simulated keystone maintains an attractive appearance for decades without costly upkeep or repair. Its durability is doubly important for high-traffic areas that see heavy use like pool decks, driveways, or commercial walkways. 

Versatility is another major benefit, as the same simulated keystone products can be used to create patios, walkways, pool decks, walls, or facades – with or without grass – thanks to its natural look and customizable sizing. Its realism even allows tasteful blending with real accents for a sophisticated blended look.

The introduction lays the foundation for how Simulated Keystone Pavers offers homeowners an attractive, practical option through an established industry leader with decades of experience in crafting durable, versatile simulated stone products.

 Convert Your Outdoor Living Space

Deciding on Simulated Keystone Pavers

When it comes to upgrading your outdoor living space, few decisions are as impactful as your choice of paving materials. Simulated keystone pavers offer an attractive, affordable alternative to consider compared to the classic – but pricier – options of flagstone, bluestone, or limestone pavers. 

Cost Savings Without Compromise

Real stone is undeniably beautiful, but the costs of acquisition and installation can give home budgets a major gut punch. On average, simulated keystone pavers save 30-50% over comparable real bluestone or limestone. While looking and feeling almost indistinguishable from the natural thing, faux versions allow you to maximize your outdoor space without blowing past construction estimates.

Lighter on the Back, Easier on the Wallet 

Not only are simulated keystone pavers more cost-efficient to purchase by the square foot or pallet, but their lighter weight compared to true quarried stone means easier handle-ability for DIY installation at any property. No need to hire extra muscle from the masonry company! Carrying, laying, and adjusting the placements becomes a breeze perfect for ambitious weekend warriors.

A Versatile Material For Any Project

Whether you dream of a relaxing seating area, all-season family recreation space, or scenic poolside lounge, simulated keystone pavers offer a refined look fitting any vision. Their flexibility lends well to patio surfaces, walkway borders, driveway trim accents, and beyond. They even hold up beautifully in high-traffic commercial areas like shopping plazas and office parks.

As Sturdy in the Grass as Without

An especially neat trick of simulated keystone is its compatibility with both grass-filled and gravel-covered landscaping. Roller out pavers across your lawn’s surface for a charming stoned pathway, or lay them without grass for a classic outdoor space. Either way, weeds won’t infiltrate and the space stays looking polished for seasons on end.

For beautiful design combined with practical perks like these, simulated keystone pavers shine as an outstanding choice. Their blend of affordability, easy handling, and durable versatility make maximizing outdoor comfort a reality for nearly every lifestyle and budget.

Let us work with you to decorate your home!

Installing Simulated Keystone Pavers

Now that you’ve selected simulated keystone pavers for your project, the fun begins – installation! While some may view this stage as a chore, a little preparation and knowing your options make the process more enjoyable.

Prepping the Surface

Before laying any pavers, examine your base material. Most require a sturdy, well-compacted sub-base like gravel or concrete sand to distribute weight. For grass installations, lay down landscaping fabric before rolling out pavers across lawn areas. A solid foundation prevents future shifting or cracking.

Mortar or Thinset: What’s the Difference? 

Mortar mixing and application provide the strongest bonding method recommended for high-traffic locations or where lawn maintenance equipment will roll over Pavers. However, its messier and time-consuming process means thinset is often preferred for DIY projects. Both options harden the pavers in place while allowing slight shifting for expansion/contraction with weather changes. 

Tips for a Straightforward Install 

Start by laying out pavers in your desired pattern using stakes and Mason’s string as a guide. Don’t be afraid to remove and replace pieces until fully aligned and level. Tip – start from the center and work outward. Once in place, lightly tap or stomp pavers with a rubber mallet for firm contact. 

Sealing the Look 

After allowing the grout or thin set to cure fully, sweep excess material from crevices and apply a high-quality, stain-resistant sealer per manufacturer instructions. This protects against water penetration and adds a finished appearance.

With the right planning and technique, installing simulated keystone pavers becomes simpler than many expect for attainable backyard transformation. Watch your space take beautiful shape over just a few weekends’ effort.

Caring for Simulated Keystone Pavers

With the right care, your simulated keystone pavers will maintain their pristine beauty for years to come. While very low maintenance compared to natural stone, a little TLC goes a long way to keeping dirt and debris from settling into the surfaces.

Getting Deep Down Dirty

For heavier-duty cleaning, nothing beats the power of a pressure washer to lift away stubborn stains and grime. Use the widest, softest spray tip at a safe distance and work sections at a time to prevent damage. Another option is a mild detergent solution in a pump sprayer, scrubbed with a broom or stiff brush. 

Stain Removal 101

Common surface spills from food, oil, or mildew usually wipe away easily with just soap and water if caught fast. For ground-in messes, make a paste with baking soda and water and let it sit before scrubbing. As a last resort, try a bleach and water dilution (and be sure to rinse well after).

Reapply When Needed

Resealing helps limit the absorption of stains and water over the long haul. Signs it’s time? Pavers don’t repel water as well or previously protected areas appear dull. Apply fresh sealer following weathered areas only, per instructions. Plan reapplication every 3-5 years for optimal protection.

Winterizing Up North  

In colder zones, spills can freeze and cause cracking or staining. Sweep pavers clean and store remaining sealer indoors until warmer seasons return. Temporary rug runners or deicing salt prevent slips when snow falls on walkways too.

With simple cleaning and protection guidelines like these, your pavers will thrive season after season with minimal fuss. Proper care ensures maximizing your investment for many years ahead.

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Custom Design Options

Simulated Keystone Pool Decking Stone

By now you’ve surely fallen in love with the potential of simulated keystone pavers. But why settle when you can truly make them your own through customization? Simulated Keystone offers a palette upon a palette of natural-looking color blends to choose from.

An Array of Authentic Earthtones  

Whether your style skews modern or traditional, there’s a stone variant suitable. Warm greys and tans evoke classic New England charm. Darker charcoal and slate shades impart contemporary modernity. Reds and oranges pop with Southwest spirit. The options are endless!

Unique Shapes to Define Space

Take exceptional landscaping to the next level with boundary edgers, water feature rims, and firepit circles – any feature sliced precisely per print. Complex curves and serpentine borders present no challenge. Imagine the curb appeal and function!

The Beauty of Mixed Materials

Sometimes less is more. Complement pavers with genuine granite accents, say around a fireplace, or showcase faux fragments in a creek bed. The illusion of organic placement adds depth and dimension beyond simulated products alone. As long as the sealer matches, options combine without compromise.

However you dream up utilizing these wonder stones, break the mold! Alternative shapes, hues, and incorporating real stone bring customized personality. No two hard scapes need to resemble; get truly inventive. The masonry craftspeople at Simulated Keystone stand ready to craft your unique outdoor dreams to last for decades.


In conclusion, simulated keystone pavers offer homeowners a versatile and long-lasting option for both functional and aesthetic outdoor transformations. Whether you desire a new patio, walkway, pool deck, or more elaborate landscape project, keystone products provide:

  • Affordability compared to real stone, allowing bigger budgets for other project elements. 
  • Durability to withstand Florida’s sun, rain, and family activities for decades with proper care.
  • Natural aesthetics complement any design style through extensive color and edge profile options.  
  • Compatibility for use with or without grass, maintaining an attractive border definition or pathway surface long-term.

With over 40 years of expertise in the simulated stone industry, Simulated Keystone can craft the solution tailored exactly to your vision. They offer the most extensive selection of products alongside experienced installation or design consultation services.

Give Simulated Keystone a call for a free in-home or job-site consultation. One of their designers will evaluate your space, discuss ideas, and provide upfront pricing to fit your budget.

It’s time to stop dreaming of the backyard oasis or entertaining area you’ve always wanted. With Simulated Keystone’s versatile pavers and world of customization possibilities, achieving your goals is simpler than ever before.

Ask About Our Beautiful Patio Pavers

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is a simulated keystone as durable as a real stone?

While real stone will undoubtedly last centuries, the simulated keystone is impressively resilient for a fraction of the cost. Through innovative materials and sealing, it withstands cracking, weathering, and breakage better than some natural options. With basic care, your patio will look great for decades to come!

2) How much lighter are simulated keystone pavers than real stone? 

On average, simulated keystone pavers are around 30-50% lighter than natural bluestone or granite. This makes a huge difference when it comes to installation. You’ll save your back while enjoying the look of heavier materials without the heavy lifting!

3) Can simulated keystone pavers be used both with and without grass?

One of the best benefits of simulated keystone is its versatility – it can be used in both grassy and bare areas. Roll out pavers across your lawn or lay them without grass for a classic patio. The realistic look stays consistent whether surrounded by plants or space.  

4) How often should simulated stone pavers be cleaned?

Most homeowners find annual cleaning in the spring and fall works well, though high-traffic areas may need mid-season spot sweeping. Minor stains often wipe away with just water, while ground-in messes require some elbow grease. With such low maintenance, your patio will always look its best.

5) Can simulated keystone pavers be custom-ordered?

Our team takes tremendous pride in customizing every order. We’ll work with you to design pavers in non-standard cuts, colors, or edge profiles to perfectly match your unique landscape or architectural vision. Any size, quantity, or specification is possible – just ask us!

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Whether you’re looking to create a stunning patio, walkway, or driveway, simulated keystone pavers are sure to elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor space. With Simulated Keystone Pavers, you can trust in their expertise and commitment to quality. Visit their website today to explore their wide range of options and bring your landscaping vision to life.