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For over 40 years, Simulated Keystone has been a leading provider of natural stone for residential and commercial hardscapes in Florida. Founded in 1980 in Delray Beach, we have developed a reputation for our expertise in outdoor living essentials like stacked stone, stone pool decks, patio tiles, walls, facades, and columns.

Throughout the past four decades, our artisans have completed thousands of landscape design projects utilizing top-grade stone materials. Whether it’s a stone patio, outdoor kitchen, pool surround or full yard remodel, we aim to far exceed our client’s design visions through customized craftsmanship and quality building materials.

In this article, we will explore how to incorporate natural stone into beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces. We’ll cover some of our most popular material options for hardscaping elements like retaining walls, floors, and accents. We’ll also provide design inspiration through real backyard makeover case studies, highlighting how stone can transform exterior spaces into relaxing oases.

Additionally, you’ll learn tips for personalizing your space through landscaping ideas like unique patterning, custom cuts, and stone engraving. By working with Simulated Keystone’s masonry experts, any dream backyard remodel or new build can be brought to life.

Whether you need a full-scale patio installation, a stone bbq island, or just some coordinating yard design elements, consider Simulated Keystone as your landscape design partner. We can’t wait to help you introduce the beauty, quality, and timelessness of natural stone into your outdoor entertaining areas.

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Stone Material Options

With over 40 years of experience working with natural stone, we’ve learned that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to landscape design. Homeowners have different design tastes, material preferences, and budget needs. Let’s break down some of our most popular stone options to help you find the ideal solution for your project.  

Stone Pool Decking

If you’re looking to design or renovate your pool area, consider a stone pool deck. Our classic Graystone pool deck material is extremely slip-resistant, allowing safe enjoyment of the pool all year round. Plus, its smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze! Another popular choice is our Cream City blend, with striking colors ranging from buff to gold that complement any Contemporary or Coastal style home.  

Patio Stone Tiles 

For high-traffic outdoor living areas like patios and walkways, our stone tile pavers are a great pick. Available in various earthtone hues, these tiles install quickly in any pattern you like. They also hold up well to Florida’s rain and sun. Gray Brook paver tiles and Ledgestone tiles are top sellers – the natural riff marks and edges create a cozy, lived-in vibe around firepits and outdoor kitchens.

Stacked Stone 

For a rustic Farmhouse aesthetic that highlights the beauty of individual stones, consider our stacked stone options. A stacked wall, columns, or Courtyard face enhances any landscape design. Zena Stone has gorgeous layers of contrasting tans and grays, while Trafalgar Stone exudes classic charm with its variegated shades of khaki and gold. These materials require minimal maintenance once installed. 

Pillars of Property

Stone columns are a decorative, yet structural, way to define outdoor spaces. Our honed columns are suited for pool surroundings. Or rougher split ashlar columns suit a more natural look. With variegated tones complementing paver walks or drives these enhance the curb appeal for years.

No matter your style, Simulated Keystone has the ideal stone material to bring your outdoor living fantasies to life. Contact us today to discuss options and get started on your backyard remodel or new build. We’re ready to help you create an outdoor oasis as unique as you are!

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Design and Layout Ideas

Whether you’re working with a blank canvas or refreshing an existing space, stone allows for endless possibilities to craft your perfect outdoor oasis. Let’s explore some popular design themes and layouts:

Cooking and Prepping

A built-in grill island framed by a natural stone veneer, like our Ashby ledge stone, creates a hearty yet stylish cooking station. For Farmhouse entertaining, try a stacked stone surface dotted with potted herbs. Convenient prep areas can also be crafted with zena stacked stone bordering kitchen cabinetry.

Al Fresco Dining 

Round out meals outdoors with a chic dining nook. Our stone tile pavers make an ideal surface beneath a bistro set situated between stacked stone columns. Go bold by incorporating a solid granite top dining table into a Contemporary layout. 

Lounging and Conversation

Define conversation areas with kneeling walls in mixed stone colors like Trafalgar for impressive, yet low-maintenance borders. Curl up around the fire on cushions surrounding a stone-capped fire pit. Mix in ottomans, sofas, and chaise lounges for supreme comfort.

Privacy without Compromise

Whether shielding a hot tub or secluded lounge space, slender pillars, and postmodern stacked stone privacy walls provide visual interest alongside functioning divisions. Top with wrought iron gates or tranquility beyond for an eco-East blend.

Accent Finishing Touches

Embellish layouts with built-in bars showcasing a ledge stone backsplash, or statement fireplaces wrapped floor-to-ceiling in cut flagstone.  Pockets of built-in planters or decorative columns anchor garden paths. Nature and luxury meet seamlessly.

Let Simulated Keystone help bring your outdoor dreamscape to life. Our experts can incorporate all your favorite design elements using quality natural stone accents to achieve your unique Neoclassical, Farmhouse, or Contemporary aesthetic.

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Customization Options

Beyond standard material options, Simulated Keystone takes customization to an art form. Our experienced masons can execute one-of-a-kind designs tailored perfectly to your taste. Whether subtle enhancements or fully custom features, your unique personality shines through.

Unique Patterning and Cuts

Jazz up basic layouts by adding aesthetic tweaks. Staggered stacked stone walls impart visual interest while accentuating curves in a driveway entrance adds drama. Have a favorite tree? Our masons can cut individual stones to match their outline.

Engraving and Detailing  

Add a personal message to a retaining wall or fountain surrounded through etched imagery and text. For a newlywed couple, we engraved their wedding date within a heart on a built-in loveseat border. Don’t limit creativity – grill islands, garden art and more can house customized touches.

Signature Custom Projects

Here are a few examples that brought clients’ visions to life:


  • The Coccoloba: Inspired by local flora, this stacked stone planter resembles folds of palm fronds in cream-colored limestone. Expertly crafted by hand to accent expansive glass doors.
  • Starry Nights: A favorite painting guided this backyard’s outdoor living space redesign. Stacked galaxy-patterned stones resembling colors in the artwork were mixed into the ceiling of an al fresco lounge area. 
  • Nautical Haven: Kneeling stone walls and columns in aquatic shades of blue and grey define this beachside getaway. Intricate sailboat carvings echo the homeowner’s passion for sailing.

Your dreams have no bounds when working with our artful team. We thrive on challenges to push creativity – the only limit is your imagination! Contact us for a consultation to craft the ideal backyard retreat unique to your Florida lifestyle.

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Simulated Keystone Corp

For over 40 years, Simulated Keystone has helped homeowners across Florida transform their outdoor spaces into beautiful, functional oases through natural stonework. Whether you need a full backyard remodel or select custom accents, our team is dedicated to surpassing your design expectations. 

By working directly with our expert masons and landscapers, you can craft the ideal layout tailored to your lifestyle and tastes. Choose from top-grade materials like our popular stone pool decks, stacked stone options, and hardscaping tiles to establish a durable foundation for any concept.

Then, bring your personalized touches to life through custom cutting, unique patterns, engraving, and more. Simulated Keystone takes your vision beyond standard installation by turning stone into a true canvas for self-expression. 

Once complete, enjoy your outdoor sanctuary for years to come. Our stone selections are virually maintenance-free and will stand the test of time. The natural beauty will only improve with weathering.

We hope this article has inspired ideas for maximizing your property’s potential through outdoor living spaces. From start to finish, rely on Simulated Keystone to seamlessly handle all your landscaping needs. Thank you for considering us – we look forward to helping turn your dream outdoor kitchen designs into reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of stone does Simulated Keystone offer for outdoor living spaces?

Simulated Keystone offers a huge variety of natural stones for outdoor spaces. Some favorites include stacked flagstone or travertine for rustic charm, sleek limestone tiles for contemporary areas, and decorative columns & accents like ashlar or Ledgestone. No matter your style, we have high-quality materials to suit coastal, farmhouse, or modern designs.

How can a stone be incorporated into the design of my outdoor space?

When designing with stone, think about incorporating it in fun ways like stacked walls separating entertaining zones, tubbed-out grilling spaces framed in stone veneer, or showering staircases with curb appeal using patterned steps. Let stone define private nooks for seating or dining beneath arbors. Get creative – we love seeing how homeowners reinvent their landscapes!  

Can outdoor kitchen designs be personalized?

Absolutely! At Simulated Keystone, we thrive on custom work. Whether etching a date into a loveseat wall or hand-cutting stones to mimic a favorite tree’s shape, our artisans can bring any vision to life. Unique patterning, one-off stone shapes, and engraved motifs make outdoor living spaces as unique as the people who enjoy them. Dream big – we make the impossible possible!

Simulated Keystone offers high-quality natural stone options that can transform any outdoor area into a stunning oasis. From retaining walls to flooring and accents, we covered a range of hardscaping elements and provided design inspiration through real backyard makeover case studies. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy patio or a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, Simulated Keystone has the materials you need to bring your vision to life. Visit our website to explore our selection and start designing your dream outdoor space today!