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Simulated Keystone Flooring

Simulated keystone is a type of faux stone flooring that replicates the appearance of natural stones. Through precise manufacturing methods, simulated keystone captures the aesthetic beauty, texture, and earthy tones of real keystone.  

Simulated Keystone company was founded in 1980 in Florida with a vision to bring the charm of traditional masonry to both residential and commercial properties. For over 40 years, they have specialized in creating durable outdoor floors that withstand hot sun and rain.

Made from concrete, polymers, and stone aggregate, the simulated keystone is a sustainable alternative to real stone tile. It is formed using molds of authentic keystones to replicate nuanced details. Through this process, the material achieves the look of natural stone at a more affordable price point.

Some key benefits of simulated keystone flooring for Florida homes include:

  • Low maintenance: Due to its non-porous surface, simulated stone does not require sealing like natural stone and is stain resistant.
  • Durability: It is highly durable and will not crack, chip, or deteriorate even after decades of Florida’s humid tropical climate and temperature fluctuations. 
  • Slip resistance: The textured surface provides excellent traction, making it a safe option for high-traffic outdoor areas like pool decks and patios.
  • Affordability: While matching the aesthetics of stone, simulated keystone offers substantial savings over mining, transporting, and installing real stone. 
  • Permeability: Being a permeable material, water can drain through the cracks between stones to prevent puddling or flooding. This makes it suitable for driveways, walkways, and drainage floors.

As Florida’s premier supplier of outdoor simulated stone products for four decades, Simulated Keystone offers a comprehensive selection of flooring, walls, pillars, and more to bring durable beauty to any landscape.

Transform Your Home With Simulated Keystone

Material and Production Process

Simulated stone may look just like the real thing, but what exactly goes into crafting such a convincing façade? Let’s take a look behind the scenes at how Simulated Keystone brings its vision to life.


The process begins with selecting only the finest raw materials. A specially formulated concrete provides the foundation, blended for maximum durability against Florida’s heat, humidity, and seasonal variations. This concrete is mixed with aggregates ensuring microscopic details like color variations and grain patterns that make each stone unique. 

An Artisanal Touch

For the final luxury-level finish, small flakes of real stone are embedded. Whether it’s granite, quartz, or marble, these natural inclusions amplify the tactile authenticity. “It’s amazing to see the materials come together,” says head craftsman Michael. “With the right proportions, you truly can’t tell the difference between our product and the real deal.”

Once the hybrid mixture achieves the ideal consistency, it’s time for molding. Each Simulated Keystone collection draws inspiration from classic architectural periods. Craftspeople hand-carve precise plaster molds of historic keystone designs. These molds enable flawless replication for flooring, pillars, walls – any project.

The prepared concrete composite is then professionally hand-poured and consolidated in the molds. “It’s a real art form to get the perfect texture and density,” explains Michael. An experienced eye ensures blemish-free casts before demolding days later.

At this stage, pieces may require careful shaping, finishing, or cleaning. Then it’s time for the painstaking silicon. Tiny cracks between each “stone” complete the distressing for the most realistic look. Only then are products deemed ready to withstand Florida’s climate for decades to come?

Between acquiring only top raw materials to the hands-on molding and crafting, Simulated Keystone spares no effort to deliver the finest faux stone products. Their attention to authentic details through traditional techniques proves that quality trumps quantity in creating durable, elegant designs.

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Applications and Uses

With its uncanny resemblance to natural stone, simulated keystone can seamlessly complement any Florida landscape or architecture. Whether designing a contemporary dream home or large-scale commercial property, the applications are endless.

Flooring Functionality

One of the most popular uses is beautiful yet durable pool decking. Simulated stone stands up to chlorine, sunlight, and heavy foot traffic year-round. It’s also ideal for patios, walkways, and driveways. The porous texture allows rainwater to seep through, preventing slippery surfaces. 

The flat-top flagstones make laying large permeable areas a breeze. Or choose the multi-sized stepping stone kit for a more natural flow. Their popular StoneWeave collection mimics woven textures perfect for enhancing entryways in a wheelchair-accessible pattern.

Beyond Flooring

No matter the vision, Simulated Keystone has the accessories. Stacked stone pillars define entry points in rustic charm. Planter walls add privacy and landscaping versatility. And the full-stone facade collection turns any boring block exterior into a statement.

Commercial Chic

Due to its unparalleled strength and low maintenance, simulated stone also satisfies larger-scale commercial and community needs. From shopping center walkways to luxury resort poolscapes, the stately options complement sleek modernism or country club charm alike.

Restaurants find relief from food spills and grease with easy-clean simulated tile. Doctors’ offices love the sterile traction and on-trend aesthetic for patient areas. Botanical gardens showcase decorative planters and archways with a natural yet long-lasting aesthetic. 

Wherever vision and passion for Florida’s beauty collide, Simulated Keystone seamlessly enhances it all with timeless appeal inside and out.

Simulated Keystone Pool Decking Stone

Installation and Maintenance

Once the design is nailed down, it’s time for installation. Proper surface preparation is key to any simulated stone project’s longevity. Simulated Keystone recommends starting with a sturdy, level base free of cracks or debris.

For floors, this usually means a concrete sub-base, though some wall applications suit wood or block surfaces too. A landscape fabric barrier protects against weeds or grass later. Then it’s on to laying the flexible-edged stones!

Down to a Science  

Whether the tiles, pillars, or steppers go, the layout process is similar. Begin by dry-fitting pieces to map out the design before final placement. This ensures a pleasing pattern with minimal cutting later.


Use string lines to create perfectly straight runs or uniform stone heights if needed. Then start centering and locking the edging stones into the bedding material first for stability. Finally, the fill pieces fill in from the edge inward. 

The Finishing Touches

Grouting completes the aesthetic by filling narrow cracks with a coordinating color. Always experiment on a sample piece first to ensure full crack coverage without staining the stone. 

Finally, sealants protect the installation from within. A pre-seal coats the bottom of each piece before setting it to repel moisture. Then a topical seal over the final grouted joints locks in that gorgeous finish for years of enjoyment!

Low Fuss Living

Once installed, simulated stone requires little effort compared to real masonry. An occasional pressure wash keeps surfaces pristine from dirt or airborne debris. Reapply sealant every few years for maximum protection from weathering. 

Otherwise, just relax and smile knowing your beautiful new space will withstand daily Florida rhythms with ease! Simulated Keystone’s low-maintenance legacy lives on.

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Simulated Keystone

By now, you’ve seen just how versatile and durable simulated stone products from Simulated Keystone can be. Whether you need a new pool deck, outdoor kitchen renovation, or full home exterior makeover – their faux stone materials provide an elegant solution.

  • Weatherproof and low maintenance – Minimal cracking or fading ensures beautiful integrity for decades.
  • Authentic aesthetic – Crafted with realistic detailed textures and color blends for natural appeal.
  • Sustainable alternative – Conserves natural resources while replicating favorite stone flooring styles. 
  • Wide selection – With outdoor flooring, walls, planters, and more, they’ve got any project covered.  
  • Expert installation – Schedule a professional design-build process for proper layout and sealant application.

Trusted for over 40 years throughout Florida, Simulated Keystone makes enhancing outdoor living easy and affordable. Their craftsmanship paired with lifetime materials guarantees endless enjoyment of your stylish new space.

Are you ready to bring the charm of natural stone to your property without the high costs or concerns of real masonry? Connect with Simulated Keystone today to discuss your unique plans. A representative can provide complimentary quotes and options tailor-made for your residence or business.

Let the experts transform your Florida landscape into a showplace built to withstand tropical weather – while retaining its beauty for many years ahead. Contact Simulated Keystone for all your faux stone needs.

Why Choose Simulated Keystone?

1) Is simulated stone durable for outdoor Florida weather?

Simulated stone was made for Florida’s weather! The concrete composite withstands heat, humidity, and storms without cracking or fading like natural alternatives. A properly installed Simulated Keystone patio can last over 30 years before a pressure wash refreshes it. You’ll enjoy your landscaping for generations!

2) How long does a simulated stone installation last?

If cared for, a simulated stone installation from Simulated Keystone will serve effortlessly for decades. The material is densely formulated to resist damage from UV rays, plants, foot traffic, or temperature swings. In some cases, original installations from the ’80s still look brand new! Proper sealing every 5 years extends the beauty.

3) Can existing concrete slabs be resurfaced?

You bet! Resurfacing boring concrete adds curb appeal while refreshing its structure. Our expert teams can assess flatwork, and then mold or stamp freshly poured concrete to transform any area. It’s durable, beautiful, and a fraction of replacing entire slabs. Revitalize tired spaces!

4) What color and style options are available?

With multiple striking collections, you’re sure to find exactly what you love. Options include smooth, rough-hewn, multi-colored, and specialty blended finishes. Common colors mirror sandstone, flagstone, and limestone grey or warmer terra cotta and marble tones. We’ll help pick the perfect palette to suit your style!

Simulated Keystone flooring is a game-changer when it comes to replicating the stunning beauty of natural stones. The precise manufacturing methods used ensure that every inch of simulated keystone reflects the authentic appearance of natural stones, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. If you’ve been searching for a flooring solution that effortlessly combines aesthetics and practicality, look no further than simulated keystone. Transform your home or office with this remarkable flooring option and experience the timeless charm of keystone without the cost or maintenance. Visit our website to explore our range of simulated keystone flooring options and take the first step toward creating a truly remarkable space.