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Simulated Keystone Creates a New Look For Your Islamorada Home

Simulated Keystone creates a new look for your Islamorada home and is pleased to offer our full suite of stone services to your area. As the premier stone company serving the Florida Keys, we understand the unique stone and outdoor living needs of homes and businesses in Islamorada.

Located in the middle Florida Keys, Islamorada is known for its tropical climate, beautiful beaches and proximity to Everglades National Park and the Florida reef tract. Whether you need to renovate your pool deck and outdoor living space for enjoying South Florida’s sunshine, or want to bring luxury stone accents into your home, Simulated Keystone can help.

  • We have over 10 years of experience with commercial and residential stonework projects throughout the Keys.
  • Our portfolio includes recent projects in Islamorada, Marathon and Key Largo.
  • Limestone, travertine and quartz are some of the most popular stone materials suited for the Florida climate.
  • Full design consultations help visualize your new stone fireplace, kitchen or flooring.

By contacting our Islamorada stone experts today, you can discover how bringing natural stone into your property can enhance its Florida lifestyle appeal, eco-tourism ambiance and real estate value. No other company understands Islamorada’s tropical setting like we do.

Outdoor Living with Coral Stone in Islamorada

Nothing says “island oasis” quite like using coral stone to enhance your outdoor spaces in Islamorada. With its durability against salt air and water, attractive appearance, and ties to local culture, coral stone is a premier choice for pools, landscaping, and entertaining areas.

Whether you call for ocean views in Islamorada or the nearby backcountry, coral stone ensures your exterior decor matches the active Florida lifestyle. Poured pool decks, columns, tile accents – coral exhibits longevity, making it a low-maintenance material—no more cracking or fading like with concrete. 

Coral stone brings the Caribbean coastline vibe directly to your backyard. Its porous nature absorbs and releases heat naturally for comfort year-round. Texture, color variations, and fossil impressions give each piece uniqueness, reflective of the area’s natural reefs. 

Transform a boring patio into an inviting space for Florida sunsets with coral tile. Mosaic patterns that flow with the property’s open-air layout. Entertain guests stress-free with a spill-proof floor that withstands sandy feet after a day at the beach. 

Beyond aesthetics, coral decoration fosters Florida’s underwater heritage on land. Images of coral, sea life, and regional history can come to life through artistic tile murals. Illuminate a path at night with stones that softly glow like the Keys’ bioluminescent bays.

Whether dining alfresco with island breezes or lounging dockside after boating or fishing in the Backcountry, coral stone ensures comfort and luxury throughout outdoor activities in Islamorada. Local experts like Simulated Keystone craft realistic options for any coastal design vision or budget. Contact them today to host the perfect Florida soirée outside!

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Stunning Coral Stone Features for Your Islamorada Home

Nothing elevates an Islamorada home’s curb appeal like elegant coral stone accents. From traditional columns to one-of-a-kind tiles, let Simulated Keystone bring the island aesthetic indoors and out.

Pillars framed in polished coral announce the arrival in style while offering stability. Custom designs range from fluted to smooth surfaces, in any size, to complement the architectural period. Entertain visitors dockside or on winding verandas lifted by coral’s enduring natural beauty. 

Substantial coral columns introduce dramatic flow when welcoming guests through screen doors safeguarded from Florida breezes. Frame entrances to living spaces or outdoor kitchens with a material conquering wind and waves along Upper Keys reefs.

Inside, coral tile livens backsplashes and counter space in kitchens and baths. Slip-resistant options exist for poolside showers, too! Patterns mimic sea life, like whimsical schools of fish or abstract coral branches. Each mosaic tells tales inspired by Islamorada’s maritime history.

Marble alternatives like coral tile dress floors fit for barefoot walks on the beach all year. Seamless installation avoids cracks upholding a tile’s longevity against family foot traffic or tracked-in sand—easy cleanup afterwards with a quick rinse. 

Simulated KeyStone

Whether incorporating simple accents or crafting custom coral designs, Simulated Keystone specialists authentically manifest the Florida Keys aesthetic in any Islamorada abode. Schedule a free quote to bring the tropics home!

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Other Landscaping and Patio Stone Tile Options

While coral stone reigns supreme for an authentic Keys aesthetic, Simulated Keystone offers versatile alternatives suiting any Islamorada landscape. Slate tiles conjure New England coastline charm with varied shades of gray, while granite elegantly withstands tropical heat.

  • Slate tile complements coral with fine details like lighter veining. Create mosaic art or geometric patterns for all guests.
  • Honed granite exudes luxury underfoot. Slabs smooth as reefs make traffic-bearing walkways near-indestructible through hurricanes.

Quartzite exhibits brilliant vibrancy in aqua, sienna, and smoky topaz hues. Its crystalline composition endures interrupting plant roots for carefree paths. Consider quartzite to:

  • Frame backyard lounging areas and fire pit chats after sunsetting boat rides.
  • Line winding walks guide visitors to a lagoon-side lanai or waterside deck.

Pavers like ceramic or concrete simulate different natural looks on tighter budgets. Simulated stone fools the eye, seamlessly bonding indoors with the scenery outside open-air rooms.

Whether designing a landscape, updating a patio, or rendering cocktail hour beneath string lights, locally quarried options from Simulated Keystone complete any Islamorada coastal setting. Their experts advise stress-free builds mirroring the Florida lifestyle you love.

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Pool Decking and Concrete Replacement Services

Simulated KeyStone

Nothing completes the backyard oasis like a lavish pool deck where friends can lounge the day away. But concrete cracks under Florida’s sun, and resurfacing proves costly every few years. Reinvent acres with coral or quartzite pool decking by Simulated Keystone!

  • Realistic quartzite mosaic keystone tiles mimic neatly cut slabs without heavy lifting. Install seamlessly for a spa-like finish.
  • Coral tones set an island mood around waters perfect for post-kayaking dips. Its porous grit resists slipping compared to keen concrete.

Beyond aesthetic upgrades, stone replacement extends concrete’s lifespan 10X! Crack-filling only treats symptoms – extraction and repouring with structural reinforcing concrete stands the test of time. Deep spall/delamination repair returns integrity to compromised slabs under high-impact areas. Professionals like Simulated Keystone thoroughly prepare before applying a bonding agent and overlay for proper bonding. Creative patterns integrate coral or slate borders decoratively, concealing repairs. Now relax deckside again without worrying about cracks reopening!

For whole-concrete replacements like deteriorated driveways or commercial work, diligent preparation lays the groundwork for a beautiful, long-wearing installation. Exposed aggregate reveals quartzite’s natural beauty subtly enhanced with colored hardeners.

Timeless yet affordable, Simulated Keystone’s concrete solutions keep Islamorada structures sound for active coastal living throughout Southeast storms. Your oasis awaits – inquire about a free estimate today!

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Count on the Experts with Simulated Keystone

With over 25 years of experience crafting coral stone designs along the Florida coastline, Simulated Keystone has seasoned expertise to transform any Islamorada property. Beyond comparing specs, why entrust these professionals?

  • Local artisans fully understand our climate and building codes—no concerns over contractors unfamiliar with hurricane-prone areas.
  • Attention to detail results in seamless executions respecting architectural integrity. Outdoor “rooms” flow without interruptive edges or seams.
  • Customizable solutions fulfill any vision within budget. Avoid cookie-cutter jobs with innovative adaptations respecting existing aesthetics.
  • Hand-select local quarried stone complementing the surrounding natural beauty. Unique reef-inspired tiles highlight the property’s sense of place.
  • Artistry is guaranteed to stand the seaside tests of time. An investment in landscaping withstands storms and everyday wear without repairs.
  • Insured and licensed with a proven reputation upheld by satisfied Islamorada clients and 5-star reviews. Peace of mind comes standard!

Why risk DIY when experts handle stressful underwater concrete work or large-scale commercial facelifts? Simulated Keystone handles site assessment, permits, and installations from start to perfect finish – no project oversight headaches. Free competitive estimates ensure open communication and customized proposals. Lifetime technical support remains just a call away for all stone-related inquiries. Partnership feels like working with trusted neighbors! Join satisfied Islamorada homeowners now upgrading coastal grounds with an artist’s touch. Schedule your complimentary consultation – the tropical paradise awaits!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What materials are available for outdoor features like columns and floors? 

Coral stone and quartzite are our most popular, durable, low-maintenance outdoor living choices. We also offer slate, granite, and porcelain tile suited to Florida’s coastal climate. Click here to see our gallery, or call to schedule a visit to explore colorful samples and discuss which best complements your island-inspired vision!

How much does installing coral stone tile or decking cost?

Pricing depends on project size and complexity. Our experienced designers craft free, detailed estimates factoring materials, permitting, if needed, and labor for a turnkey solution. Quality installations yield longevity, saving costs over inferior facilities requiring replacements. Contact us for your tailored proposal!  

What is the lifespan of coral stone compared to other materials?

Coral stone boasts a lifespan of 2-3X longer than concrete, making it a sound investment for generations of coastal living. Its porous grit resists algae, heat fluctuations, and seawater better while retaining a natural appearance for decades longer than artificial options. Extend your home’s curb appeal for years to come!

How easy is it to customize colors and patterns for a unique look?

Our stone selections offer endless customizable options. Mix textures and hues within distinctive patterns, showcasing Islamorada’s underwater heritage. Bring a photo for our designers to replicate or collaborate on one-of-a-kind designs reflective of your property. Your coral oasis awaits!

What areas of expertise do you have for commercial stone projects? 

Decades of experience crafting residential and commercial installations throughout the Florida Keys grant, specializing in landscape and structural needs of hotels, restaurants, schools, and other bustling properties. We handle all aspects of turnkey solutions within timelines and budgets.

We Have Many Options in Our Product Line – Ask Us Today

Simulated Keystone has spent many years working with clients to make their houses, properties and businesses more naturally beautiful and modern. We provide many original and unique slab and tile decor choices, as well as many eclectic decor options, such as pool coping, driveways, fire places, outdoor kitchens and more. Let us help you spruce up your home and give it a more natural Florida look that lasts many years. Our team is ready and waiting to help you to make your dream a reality.