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Simulated Keystone has become a leading resource for high-quality yet affordable faux stone solutions.

Simulated stone is a manufactured building material that mimics the appearance of natural stone such as granite, marble, and limestone. Unlike real stone which is quarried from the earth, simulated stone is produced from concrete materials that are pressed or cast into realistic replicas of stone. Some common types of simulated stone include

  • Cast stone – A concrete mixture that is poured into molds and contains pigments to replicate natural stone colors and patterns. 
  • Cultured stone – A thin layer of concrete placed over rigid foam for a lightweight stone veneer product. 
  • Manufactured stone – A concrete mixture blended with stone dust or crushed stone aggregates and pigment stone-like finish.

The key benefits of using simulated stone rather than natural stone include reduced costs, increased durability, and application flexibility. Because it is a man-made product, simstone materials have less sealing and maintenance over time than porous natural stones. It can better withstand weathering from Florida’s hot sun and seasonal storms.

Simulated Keystone was founded in 1980 in Orlando, Florida and began as a manufacturer and installer of lightweight veneer stone wall panels and outdoor living products. Over nearly 40 years, Simulated Keystone has expanded its product lines to include cast stone mantels, pool coping stones, stone columns, and a variety of stone tiles and pavers suitable for pool decks, patios, walkways, and flooring. For homeowners and contractors in central Florida seeking stone materials for indoor and outdoor construction and renovation projects.

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Types of Simulated Stone

Stacked stone is one of the most popular and eye-catching types of simulated stone. Individual stones, which are usually rectangular or occasionally arched in shape, are carefully selected and then skillfully layered on top of one another without the use of mortar. 


The result has a natural random look that adds depth, texture, and visual interest to any surface. When installed by a true craftsman, stacked stone elevates the feel and aesthetic quality of walls, planters, columns, and pathways. Our masons take great pride in their stacked stone creations, ensuring each placement and progression of stones looks seamlessly adhered as if nature had stacked them themselves.

A Light Alternative to Natural Stone Veneer

For homeowners seeking the beauty of real stone without the heavyweight, lightweight stone veneer panels provides a versatile solution. Available in various thickness sizes, some as slim as just 3/4 inch, stone veneer allows the look of stone to be gracefully applied to existing surfaces. 


Whether being used to dazzle up a plain backyard retaining wall or install an elegant façade on a ranch-style home, stone veneer brings substantial curb appeal without requiring major structural work. Our stone veneer panels are made of a special cast mixture that mimics textured natural stones like limestone, fieldstone, and ledge stone. They are weather-resistant, affordable, and simple to mount using an advanced bonding method.

The Strength and Durability of Concrete

For high-traffic areas or applications where extreme durability is essential, concrete stones are a top pick. Our line of concrete mantles, pavers, coping, and column wraps will withstand the harshest elements Mother Nature throws your way here in Florida. 


Whether it’s battling heat, rain, hurricanes, or pool chemicals, the concrete-simulated stone is practically indestructible and stands the test of time. Another advantage is concrete’s wide palette of coloring options—our artisans can tint the wet concrete as a mixture to resemble any type of decorative stone from dark gray slate and charcoal granite to reddish sandstone and beige limestone. It’s as close to ‘forever’ material as you’ll find!

Distinctive Cast Beauty

For the ultimate in-stone realism, cast stone creates an heirloom quality finish with refined details. Our cast stones are hand-crafted using intricate molds taken from remnants of centuries-old abbeys, churches, and world landmarks. Once poured, the concrete blend is smoothed and tooled by masters. 


Subtle veining, pitting, and shading bring each cast piece to stunningly realistic life. Popular cast stone elements we carry include decorative columns, moldings, fireplace mantels, fountains, planters, and more. Whether you’re designing a formal garden sanctuary or a European-style estate, our cast stone collection lends only the highest-caliber artistic flourish.

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Applications of Simulated Stone

Whether you call it a facade, siding, or veneer, exterior stone cladding is a showstopper for any architectural style. Our stone panels turn even the most basic ranch home into a refined country retreat and give Mediterranean, Tuscan, or coastal-inspired abodes authentic old-world beauty.

As the dynamic focal point of any elevation, cladding highlights design details while protecting the underlying structure from weathering. Our exteriors hold up magnificently against Florida’s elements thanks to moisture-wicking formulations. And nothing elevates curb appeal like the sophisticated yet timeless look of expertly installed stone.

A Foundation for Outdoor Living and Entertaining 

When it comes to paving your outdoor space into a practical and picturesque oasis, look no further than our pool decks, patios, and walkway tiles. Whether travertine for the deck, crackled slate patio, or rustic bluestone path, our natural-style pavers sturdily stand up to sun, rain, and high foot traffic year-round.

Beyond hard surfaces, we carry an extensive choice in column wrappings, fire pit surrounds, steps and more for landscape structures. Transform unused yard corners into inviting conversation spots under arbors wrapped in weathered limestone, or highlight entry pathways with fluted marble columns. Every element works together seamlessly for entertaining made easy.

Creating Protective Barriers with Stone

For retaining elevated soil or marking boundaries in the Florida landscape, nothing says ‘sturdy and stable’ quite like a stone wall. Our walls beautifully withstand shifting ground while adding depth, texture, and spots to decorate along the way.

Ponder the scene of rich brown sandstone separating flowerbeds, the stark contrast of charcoal granite containing a vegetable patch, or the aged ambiance of random river rock holding a hillside in place. With a diversity of shapes, colors, and formations to choose from in poured or dry stack styles, walls become artistic additions as much as functional ones.

Elevating Interiors with Stone Accents 

Expanding the look of natural stone indoors is simple with our versatile accent elements. Transform any fireplace into a rustic masterpiece using our realistic charred cedar log mantels crafted from cast stone. Eye-catching travertine tile backsplashes in the kitchen exude a spa-like aura, while slate thresholds command attention at entryways.

It’s no secret that stone lends an heirloom quality to built-ins as well—you’ll find just the column bases, addressing plaques, or planter boxes needed to complete custom cabinetry, window seats, or front porch built-in seating areas with charm. Polished granite or lime-washed marble never looked so good!

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Simulated Keystone

Installation Process

A solid surface preparation lays the groundwork for a professionally installed stone project. Our expert masons take time to examine the surface, remove any fixtures or debris, and make repairs. Cracks are filled, uneven areas are leveled, and materials are selected to suit each application.

Whether adhering to thin stone veneer or setting block-style ledge stones, starting on a clean slate helps ensure the final product exceeds expectations. Rigorous preparation during initial phases like cleaning, priming and applying proper substrate makes the weeks of sealing and enjoyment ahead worry-free.

Bonding Beauty that Lasts

The bonding agents we use far surpass ordinary mortar in strength and durability. Advanced formulations created specifically for natural and manufactured stone withstand impacts, vibrations, and climate shifts with ease. Our experts are certified to skillfully apply different adhesives suitable for varied stone weights, weather conditions, and desired aesthetics.

Whether a thin setting bed is best, or full coverage adhesive for extra stability, these advanced mixtures form a permanent bond insulated from cracking or separation. With special attention given to proper troweling and setting techniques, stonework adheres as enduringly as the natural formations it mimics.

Stacking with an Artistic Flair

Our stacked stone masons treat each piece as an individual work of art. Stones are selected for varied shapes, sizes, and textures to piece together an artistic, random-seeming puzzle. Through meticulous craftsmanship taught only by years of practice, walls erected without visible seams rise sturdily in graceful curves and compound angles.

An eye for subtle details like precise overhangs, level stone beds, and complex turns lends stacked stone installations a look as naturally occurring as the rock formations it emulates. These living walls become backdrops as gorgeous and expressive as any master mosaic woven of glittering sea glass and shells.

Sealing the Look of Legacy 

While our simulated stone imparts endless style, final sealing safeguards its unbelievable lifespan. Expert grouting strengthens seams between tiles or panels, and penetrating sealers form a barrier against liquids while maintaining the stone’s breathtaking patina.

These craftsmen know intuitive tricks like sealing from the top down to prevent discoloration. Multiple careful coats lock out moisture for dependable protection, but still allow the material to breathe naturally. Their sealing treatments guarantee a lifetime of low-maintenance beauty without worry of fading or damage to the integrity below.

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Maintenance and Care

While engineered to require less upkeep than natural stones, our surfaces still benefit from seasonal cleaning. A simple Wash using a mild dish soap and water safely removes dirt and algae without risk of damage from harsh chemicals. 

For tougher jobs, we recommend specialized stone cleaners and sealers from trusted brands. Our experts are always available to recommend the right product based on the application and soiling involved. Routine cleaning removes pollutants that could eventually penetrate the protective sealer over time.

Refreshing the Sealer Barrier

To fortify and extend a stone installation’s lifespan, reapplication of penetrating sealers every 2-5 years is advised – though some heavily exposed areas may require more frequent treatments. Our experts can inspect your surfaces and advise on timing tailored to the project’s needs and location. 

Resealing follows much the same process as the initial sealing done during installation. Multiple thin coats are applied using a paint pad or roller until the stone is saturated. This refreshes the hydrophobic barrier that repels water to keep material intact for decades more to come. 

Modifications Made Simple

Despite the resilience of our products, over the long haul minor damage can occur. Cracks from freeze-thaw cycles, sacrificial staining, and general wear and tear are no reason for full replacement—we offer simple solutions!

Whether a stacked stone needs repositioning or a tile is chipped, our artisans have the materials, tools, and expertise to perform discrete repairs blending seamlessly into the existing design. Tuckpointing, patch kits, and coating touch-ups keep installations as good as new without fuss or reconstruction.

Winterizing For Harsh Seasons 

In colder regions, outdoor installations require some protection when temperatures drop. Our specialists can seal seams more deeply before the first freeze. Snow and ice during winters might loosen deteriorated sealants over time, so reapplications are suggested.

Any plant pots, fountains,, or other accessories holding water inside the stone should be emptied and stored upside down or undercover to prevent cracking from expanding water molecules. A little prevention goes a long way toward ensuring perennial good looks!


We hope this guide has helped explain why Simulated Keystone is the #1 choice for all your simulated stone needs in Central Florida. For over 40 years, we’ve perfected our mastery of faux stone masonry to deliver unparalleled beauty, durability, and value.

Whether you need a complete outdoor living space built from the ground up, or individual elements like a stately cast stone fireplace mantel, we have the expertise and selection to bring your vision to life. Our vast inventory includes:


  • Cultured stone veneer panels for any siding, façade or accent wall project  
  • Light-weight stone tiles in various textures for patios, walkways, and pool decks
  • Stacked stone walls, columns, planters and landscape accents 
  • Fireplaces, fountains and furnishings crafted from durable concrete
  • Moldings, slate thresholds and window trims for polished indoor elegance

We invite you to come browse our on-site yard stocked full of samples. Or speak with one of our masonry consultants to discuss custom bulk orders, installation services, and creative design suggestions tailored specifically for your Florida property.

Give us a call anytime, or simply fill out our online contact form with any questions. We look forward to helping you transform your home’s exterior and interior living areas into an inviting oasis through the ageless beauty and charm that only natural-looking stone can provide


We appreciate you taking the time to learn about the faux stone products and services offered by Simulated Keystone. With over 40 years in the industry, our team of skilled artisans has transformed countless backyard paradises across Florida.

Whether you need a full-fledged poolside oasis or simple enhancements, our experience ensures an impeccable finish within budget. Customers consistently rave about the:

  • Lifelike aesthetics and textures of our simulated stone options  
  • Dust-free and mess-free installation process
  • Hassle-free maintenance that keeps their spaces gorgeous for years

Here at Simulated Keystone, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind our craftsmanship with an industry-leading warranty and lifetime technical support. A knowledgeable account manager will be assigned to your project from design through completion.

Are you ready to bring your poolside vision to life? We make it simpler than ever to get started. 

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We look forward to helping you create an elegant, relaxing backyard retreat for your Florida lifestyle!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between manufactured vs natural stone?

Natural stone like granite and limestone is quarried from the earth in its raw natural form. Manufactured stone like our products is a concrete mixture cast to replicate the look of natural varieties. While equally beautiful, manufactured stone provides more color and shape options at a more affordable price point.

How durable is the simulated stone?

Our simulated stone is extremely durable, sometimes even more so than natural varieties. Whether it’s a stacked stone wall, cast stone mantel, or cultured stone veneer – these materials are impervious to cracks or wear and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations better than most. With proper sealing and care, manufactured stone maintains its beauty for decades of outdoor living.  

Can a simulated stone withstand Florida weather?

Absolutely! We engineer our stone specifically for the hot sun and humid weather Florida is known for. Our products are more moisture- and mold-resistant than natural stone, so you’ll enjoy year-round curb appeal without worries of damage from storms or seasonal changes. Exterior installations stand up beautifully to Mother Nature’s tests.

How long will simulated stones last?

With recommended routine cleaning and resealing every few years, our simulated stone is virtually maintenance-free for a lifetime. Properly cared for, installations can withstand Florida’s climate for 50+ years while retaining their natural stone appearance. Some of our earliest projects from the 1980s are still going strong today!

Whether you are considering using simulated stone for your next home renovation project or simply interested in learning more about this versatile building material, we have covered everything from its applications to the installation process and maintenance tips. Simulated stone offers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to natural stone, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic without compromising on quality. If you have any further questions or need assistance with your simulated stone project, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for reading and we wish you success in your future endeavors with simulated stone!