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Simulated Keystone Columns Add a Natural Florida Keystone Look to Your Home

If you are planning a remodel of your South Florida home, you may have heard of simulated keystone and simulated keystone columns. In 1980, James McGrath founded Simulated Keystone in Florida with a vision to bring the beauty of natural stone to Sunshine State properties through innovative casting techniques. By crafting columns, walls, and decking that appeared identical to genuine cut limestone and granite, yet at a fraction of the cost, Simulated Keystone became the largest stone supply provider in the area.

After four decades in the industry, Simulated Keystone continues delivering a wide array of ultra-durable stone products to South Florida homeowners. From stately columns to patio tiles, stacked stone facades to pool copings, our designers can help create an attractive yet sturdy natural stone look. Some of our most popular offerings include:

  • Simulated keystone stone columns in styles ranging from simple fluted to ornate spiral columns. 
  • Stacked stone walls provide landscaping borders and accents with a ruggedly aged appearance.
  • Pool decks and patio tiles in various shades complement any outdoor living space.
  • Thick stone veneer and facade panels for building traditional or modern exteriors.

Through our unique manufacturing process, all Simulated Keystone elements withstand Florida’s harsh sun, rain, and heat while requiring minimal upkeep. By using our columns to line walkways or enhance garden beds, properties benefit from a refined aesthetic appeal that has endured for decades. 

Interested in enhancing your Florida home’s landscape this season? Contact Simulated Keystone today to discuss custom column, wall, and decking designs that impart natural beauty and durability without the drawbacks of real cut stone. Our experienced installers ensure expert stone craftsmanship for your project.

The Origins of Keystone Columns

Have you ever stood in awe of the ancient ruins in places like Rome, Greece, or Egypt? Those towering stone columns left behind are an enduring reminder of how architecture once told history through such striking details. While centuries have passed, the appeal of classical column styles lives on even today. 

At Simulated Keystone, we felt homeowners deserved an elegant way to channel these Old World foundations without such a hefty cost or maintenance commitment. That’s why we spent years perfecting our casting formulas to recreate the textures, grains, and hues found in some of the finest natural stones ever quarried.

  • Pillars of Antiquity: Originally, history’s most iconic columns were meticulously constructed block by block using rugged limestone, marble, or solid granite. Skilled laborers would hand carve each piece to fit together in towering pillars supporting majestic temples, forums, and palace entryways. These massive monoliths stood as a testament to the power and prestige of once-dominant civilizations.
  • Capturing the Real Thing: Now through innovative micro-batch blending, our artisans can recreate Nature’s magic inside our facilities. Close-up photos of Simulated Keystone columns hardly do them justice – you must run your hands over the impossibly authentic crags and crevices to believe it. It’s like experiencing living history without crossing an ocean!

Each meticulously mixed formula, such as the one we use for our faux coral columns, cures to develop its inherent grain patterns, color streaking, and imperfections. Joint lines, weathering patterns – all the little naturally occurring details that make real stone impossible to duplicate are effortlessly achieved. Admire for yourself the hand-carved look of our fluted, Ionic, or Corinthian crown molds atop gracefully tapered shafts. History has never been easier to bring home!

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Crafting Columns for Florida's Climate

As any long-time Floridian knows, battling the elements is part of daily life in the Sunshine State. From torrential downpours to relentless UV rays, outdoor materials take a beating unlike anywhere else. This is why the stone we craft at Simulated Keystone is engineered specifically with our punishing climate in mind.

  • Durable Mixtures for Florida’s Wrath: Quite simply, we couldn’t use just any old mixtures in our casting process. Our team of stonemasons has developed proprietary blends that result in columns stronger than real granite. Through carefully calibrated ratios of concrete, stone dust aggregates, and industrial adhesives, we achieve a material that laughs in the face of Mother Nature’s fury. Strong enough to withstand category 5 hurricanes? You better believe it. Our columns have weathered multiple storm seasons without sustaining so much as a chip. The flexural strength is off the charts, so no need to worry about leaning or cracking under pressure. The permeability is lower than traditional stone, so flooding won’t cause damage from moisture absorption.
  • A Finishing Touch for Maximum Endurance: After crafting each column using our special mixes, we apply a UV-resistant topcoat. This clear sealant forms an impenetrable barrier that blocks out the sun’s destructive infrared rays. As a result, columns won’t fade, blanch, or deteriorate over decades of exposure. The coating also renders graffiti washable with a simple pressure wash. No more spending hours scrubbing! Not only does this UV protection make our columns practically maintenance-free, but it also enables a wider range of creative column colors. Vibrant jewel tones that would ordinarily bleed together stay true year after year. The possibilities are endless for truly personalized landscaping designs.
  • As Light as a Feather, as Strong as an Ox: Installing our columns is a total breeze compared to real quarried blocks. At a fraction of the weight, two people can easily maneuver our largest columns into place. No heavy equipment is required! The hollow-core panels make lifting a cinch, preventing sore backs and good Curtin calls. Post-hurricane replacements are as simple as one-two-three with our lighter-than-air columns.
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Complement Any Outdoor Space

Whether you dream of a stately column-lined driveway or whimsical accents around a birdbath, Simulated Keystone has the pillars to perfectly complement any area of your property. Our columns seamlessly enhance pool decks, patios, and walkways – anywhere you can imagine!

From dramatic focal points framing an entryway to playful mini-columns holding pots of petunias, the possibilities are endless. One customer flanked their glass pool fence with fluted columns, adding grandeur to what was a simple span of verticals before. Another wound spiral columns along the perimeter of their backyard, demarcating garden beds in high style. 

The best part? No two orders need to be identical. We craft each column by hand, so custom sizing and exclusive shapes are our forte. Picking different crowns, plinths or textures allows explorations of one’s artistic side. And if inspiration strikes, we can carve unique monograms, dates, or motifs into a column face. It becomes a personalized landmark reflecting the homeowners’ style.

Of course, discerning the perfect complement to your abode involves picking from our vast palette of realistic hues. Limestone, granite, marble, coral stones, ivory bush coral and more – we mimic them all in 30 authentic shades. From bleached coastal whites to rich earthy siennas, the correct tone sets the vibe. Our color specialists are always happy to suggest pairings that highlight architectural features. 

Ultimately, working directly with our skilled tradesmen satisfies every vision. Whether modifying column dimensions to straddle a stair rail or crafting heritage-inspired caps, limitations are nonexistent. Together, we’ll bring your outdoor oasis to life with personalized stonework befitting any royal castle or tropical retreat.

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Low Maintenance Pillars

Simulated Keystone Corp

As any smart homeowner knows, natural stone needs TLC – things like protective sealants, and hassling with mold and algae treatment. Those tasks surely sound like a good way to spoil a nice Florida weekend! 

Lucky for you, Simulated Keystone columns are engineered to require nada in ongoing care. No sealing, no chemicals, no scrubbing – they just don’t get dirty like genuine solid stones tend to. It’s incredible really. While competitors’ columns erode and degrade, ours remain pristine for decades under the punishing sun and wet weather.

Our UV-resistant topcoat forms an impenetrable shield that laughs in the face of Florida’s elements. So you’ll never see discoloration, efflorescence marks, or growths marring that beautiful façade. Meanwhile, the internal mix of concrete and aggregates makes mold a non-issue. 

All that’s needed is an occasional rinse with your garden hose when dirt looks like it’s accumulating. Sometimes not even that! The non-porous material means gunk just beads up and rolls away. Now compare that to the finicky natural stone demanding monthly treatments. Seems our low-fuss columns save homeowners loads of chores and cleaning dollars in the long run. More time for fun in the sun when pillars practically maintain themselves! 

I promise even the busiest families can keep these beauties picture-perfect with minimal work. No expertise or expensive products are required – just a simple spritz and they’re as good as the day we installed them. Finally, the ease and convenience Florida landscaping deserves!

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Why Choose Simulated Keystone?

1) Can the columns be customized?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on flexibility. Whether you need unique dimensions, decorative elements like crests, or just a custom color – we’ll work with you to perfectly complement your space. Our artisans love a creative challenge!

2) What sets Simulated Keystone apart?

Over 40 years of experience crafting the most durable faux stone around! We use specialized mixtures and coatings tested under Florida’s extremes. Plus no one else offers such personalized attention. Our team will guide you through every step of installing exquisite columns that have demanded attention for decades.

3) How do you ensure high craftsmanship?

We’re very picky – only the most skilled stonemasons are part of our crew. Through years of honing techniques, they’ve transformed column-making into high art. Watching them shape and detail each piece is like witnessing sculpture come alive! Their passion for beauty and quality is why we’re so trusted after four generations.  

4) How are the columns installed?

Whether freestanding or attached, our expert installers have solid foundations down to a science. They’ll handle layout, concrete work – and any heavy lifting so customers can simply enjoy the finished result. Expect diligence in protecting landscaping and a library of installation photos to see how flawless the methods are!

5) Do you have installation examples?

Just browse our Instagram or call in. We’d love to show you lush before/after shots from real job sites anywhere in South Florida. The transformations are magical! The column placements are always perfectly pitched to frame walkways, entryways, or other redeeming features. It’s sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Want Decor Change? Our Simulated Stone Tile Does the Trick!

Simulated Keystone columns offer Florida homeowners unmatched beauty, resilience, and ease for any outdoor space. Through our innovative casting techniques and climate-resistant materials, homeowners can enjoy the look of natural stone for decades without the drawbacks of real cut stone. Whether you desire stately columns for a formal entryway, whimsical accents for a tropical garden, or durable pillars to frame a pool deck, we have the styles, sizes, and colors to complete your vision. Contact Simulated Keystone today to discuss custom column, wall, and decking designs. One of our stone consultants will happily provide an estimate and timeline to bring your outdoor oasis to life.