Simulated Keystone Corp.

Our unmatched Products

We create an unequaled quality that comes from the original excellent artistry to deliver the best product at an affordable price. With a complete variety of use, you want for your stone paver from the living room to the kitchen. We also provide stone pool deck and many other outdoor masonry pavers.

With Strict Quality Control

Simulated Keystone South Pasadena shop practice strict quality control to meet our reputation. As the best manufacturing of natural coral stone California for 3 decades. We have different stages or steps in working each product that is base on the tested production methods. In this case, our customer rest assured that they have a stone the will last for decades.

All products for all-purpose

So if you are looking for manufactured stone, come to our shop at South Pasadena to look for our large of collection or artistic stones. We create each stone with our craftsmanship to the best selection of materials.

Other natural stone South Pasadena California, our company do not harm our surroundings. No one recreated that stone that way we made because they are all made by hand.

Service Area

We are happy to serve the whole towns of South Pasadena and the near surrounding towns and cities of California. Hence, feel free to visit our shop and discover the quality of our Florida tile natural stone.