Simulated Keystone Corp.

Seminole is a quiet neighborhood which is home to the idyllic Lake Seminole, Florida Botanical Gardens, and Boca Ciega. We believe that such a pristine environment deserves to be preserved. So here in Simulated Keystone Seminole, we only use eco-friendly alternatives like concrete, sand, and fiberglass.

Here’s what we offer in our Seminole shop:

Coral and patio tiles

Do you want the beauty of corals but can’t afford the real thing? Our manufactured coral and patio tiles are affordable alternatives.

Coral stone and columns

We will beautify your property with our coral stones and columns. We have a large collection that varies in color, texture, appearance, and price. Rest assured that our selection will suit your budget.

Stone walls and pool deck

Give your pool deck a facelift with our pool deck stones and walls. Every piece is guaranteed to last long even with continuous exposure to water and chlorine.

Stacked stone

Looking for stacked stones? Don’t miss our inventory of manufactured stacked stones for all applications.

Stone façade

We will revamp your property’s façade. Our stone façade products are trusted by interior designers, engineers, and construction contractors. It’s perfect for stone accent wall designing!

If you are in need of decorative stones, feel free to contact us at Simulated Keystone.