Simulated Keystone Corp.

Manufactured natural Stone for all-purpose

If you are looking for a manufactured natural stone visit the number one natural stone distributors in Florida. Simulated Keystone is Manufactured natural stone Lazy Lake Florida that created a one of a kind design. With expert craftsmanship and a premium selection of materials.
Unlike other company, we do not drill not usual stone and dig corals from the sea. We want to keep our surrounding safe and beautiful. But the design made is exactly the same as the natural stone.

Strictly quality control

We have stages in inspecting each product we made because we want each of them passes customer satisfaction. From the initial production to the distribution to our customers. We make sure that the value of our company is in the product. Thus, the value that we keep in our products are:
Best Quality that captures the beauty of the natural stone
With an excellent and rare design that no other manufacturer can create.
Cheap but we do not weaken the quality that we give from the time we start the business.

Decades of commitment

One of the reasons why our company stays in this industry is our commitment. We keep it to our customer both in home and business area. Hence, we commit to having manufacturing excellence in creating a rare natural stone.

Thus, Simulated Keystone is proud to serve the whole community of Lazy Lake. And all the surrounding towns and cities of Broward County. Visit our shop today for your future project.