Simulated Keystone Corp.

A short distance south of Palm Beach County, Deerfield Beach is a popular destination for tourists. Its stunning nature and atmosphere are perfect for a vacation. As locals, we value the natural treasures of our town. This is why we use safe alternatives when it comes to our products in Simulated Keystone Deerfield Beach.

We guarantee that we only use eco-friendly materials and methods for our products. As a homegrown business, it’s also our responsibility to protect our natural resources. We keep the corals in the ocean and the precious stones on its original place.

Affordable manufactured stones

Why spend a fortune for natural stones if you can invest in affordable and eco-friendly alternatives? Our manufactured stones are made from durable materials yet very competitive in price.

We have stone veneers, patio tiles, lava tiles, stacked stone, and more. In Deerfield Beach, we also have stone accent wall living room installations.

Why choose us?

If you’re in Deerfield and in need of manufactured stones, feel free to contact us at Simulated Keystone. We have a large collection of decorative and functional stones that will suit almost any location.

We stand by the quality of our products. Home builders, engineers, and contractors trust our products. It’s a testament to our attention to quality.