Simulated Keystone Corp.

Simulated Keystone Clearwater is dedicated to providing you with high-quality manufactured stone slabs. By mimicking the authentic look of Floridian keystone, we guarantee a sophisticated look for a fraction of the price.

Our manufactured stone veneer is pre-sealed and refined for the best quality. We create each product from fiberglass, concrete, and sand paired with our topnotch craftsmanship.

Why choose us

All of our products here in Simulated Keystone  Clearwater Florida are produced with the most environment-friendly methods. Instead of continuously quarrying rare keystones, we can make one that looks the same without damaging nature.

Our faux keystones are mold-resistant so it will last long without the need for intense maintenance. Unlike natural stones, our faux keystones don’t chip or fade even after years of being in use.

We will help you find the right color, shape, and texture that suit your property.

Imbibe the beauty of the natural stone

Why spend a fortune for authentic natural stones if you can enjoy its beauty for a fraction of the price. Here at Simulated Keystone, we can manufacture faux stones that look like it was mined from a deep quarry in Florida.

We work for aesthetics and quality. With this, it’s always our goal to capture to the real look of natural stones you want to add on your property.