Simulated Keystone Corp.

As to how the famous quote of Belleair Bluffs founders goes, “Some said it couldn’t be done – others said we’d never make it”. But here in Simulated Keystone Belleair Bluffs, we make aesthetic stones possible for you.

Located at the vibrant shores of the Pinellas Country, we aspire to make living even better by supplying property owners with affordable manufactured stones. In fact, we are the leading lava stone tile manufacturer. No, we don’t use lava, but we can make it look like the real one.

You imagine, we make it real

With Simulated Keystone, we don’t limit your imagination. Do you imagine coral tiles on your patio? How about manufactured stacked stone veneer on your living room? We can provide it all for you.

Instead of sourcing our materials from quarries and damaging the environment, we use other alternatives. We produce our stones through the combination of concrete, stand, and fiberglass. Paired with excellent artistry and craftsmanship, you will think that it’s the real thing.

Quality and aesthetics above all

Here at Belleair Bluffs, quality is our culture. This transcends to all our products that we offer at Simulated Keystone. If you’re in need of manufactured stones for various purposes, call us and we’ll discuss the options with you.