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Redecorate with Florida Keystone Tile Walls

Florida keystone tile walls have been enhancing Florida properties for decades with their classic charm and durability. As a premier stoneworks company serving the Sunshine State, Simulated Keystone understands why these walls remain a top choice for homeowners and business owners.

Some critical reasons for their enduring popularity include:

  • Despite Florida’s humid climate, low maintenance is due to the breathability of the tiles and mortar. There is no need for paint or staining like other materials.
  • Natural aesthetics complement any architectural style, from coastal to country. The irregular shapes and varied colors resemble natural stone.
  • Sturdiness to withstand weather extremes and prevent erosion. With proper installation, keystone walls will not rot, crack, or deteriorate like wood.
  • Versatility in both residential and commercial applications. From landscaping accents to fencing, they add lasting curb appeal and, in many cases, property value.

Whether building a new home or business or enhancing an existing structure, a keystone tile wall can be a beautiful, practical design element. Simulated Keystone is ready to help bring your vision to life using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

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A Brief History of Keystone Walls in Florida

Thanks to their natural beauty and resilience, keystone walls have been a staple of Florida architecture for over a century. Some earliest examples date back to the late 1800s when settlers discovered how well these limestone tiles could withstand the region’s hot, humid climate.

Pioneering masons quickly realized that unlike other materials that rotted or degraded, the porous limestone and flexible mortar joints of keystone walls allowed them to breathe—perfect for a place prone to torrential downpours, high winds, and extreme temperature fluctuations. Within a few short decades, they became all the rage for everything from property borders to decorative landscaping.

  • One of the most well-preserved early keystone walls can be found at the Historic Bok Sanctuary in Lake Wales, which was constructed in 1928. Over 90 years later, it remains in superb condition.
  • In the booming 1920s, many Mediterranean Revival-style homes across South Florida incorporated keystone accents around entryways, columns, and pool decks for a stately yet grounding aesthetic.
  • After major hurricanes in the 1940s, neighbourhoods were rebuilt using sturdy yet affordable materials. Fundamental blocks were outlined in the rustic tiles, adding charm and withstanding many storms to come.

Today, Simulated Keystone continues refurbishing and installing walls from that era, a testament to the longevity owners can expect. Whether you need a simple border or full perimeter fencing, the options are endless. Our professional masons are ready to help you design the ideal space.

In summary, keystone walls were an early choice that made sense for Florida. Their natural good looks and resilience against the elements have kept them a top pick for over a century. With proper care, your wall can stand as long as the state’s earliest examples—a beautiful legacy for generations to enjoy.

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Benefits of Choosing Keystone Tile Walls

Low Maintenance and Durability

  • With a breathable design that allows moisture to escape, these walls don’t require painting, sealing, or staining like other materials. Just an occasional wash keeps them looking fresh.
  • Over a century of Florida weather has proven their resilience. While other structures may require repairs or replacement, keystone walls stand the test of time with little upkeep needed.
  • The interlocking tiles and flexible mortar joints allow subtle shifting without cracking or falling apart. This protects your investment and minimizes long-term costs.

Curb Appeal and Value

  • Their rustic charm blends beautifully with any architectural style. From coastal to country, keystone walls enhance curb appeal.
  • Realtors agree this classic touch often increases property worth. It’s a timeless accent buyers appreciate.
  • For businesses, they make a great first impression, reflecting stability and tradition that visitors find appealing.

Versatility in Design and Color

  • With irregular shapes and sizes that resemble natural quarried stone, the options are endless. You can be creative with layouts.
  • A wide range of earthy hues means finding one to complement your surroundings is simple. Mixing tones provides visual interest.
  • Whether a simple border or detailed freestanding pillars, Simulated Keystone experts help bring your vision to life. Every project gets a custom look.

This gives you a feel for why so many homeowners and commercial clients rely on keystone walls. Their natural beauty and durability are genuinely unbeatable for Florida living.

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Popular Keystone Wall Design Ideas

Landscaping Accents

  • Outline planting beds for a refined garden framework.
  • Line walkways and define outdoor living spaces.
  • Border a water feature like a pond or fountain.
  • Create raised planters or retaining walls along slopes.

Fences and Borders

  • Delineate your property boundary with privacy and style.
  • Build an arched or curved entry gateway.
  • Divide sections of your yard for different uses.
  • Edge-raised decks and patios.

Pillars and Entrance Features

  • Construct stately columns flanking your front door.
  • Build a freestanding address marker as a welcoming touch.
  • Frame windows or nooks with decorative half walls.
  • Line the driveway for a pulled-together curb appeal.

You can also consider unique configurations like:

  • A serpentine wall tracing a landscape contour
  • Built-in benches with a tile backrest for seating
  • Incorporating landscape lighting or artwork

Our masons love a creative challenge. Whether working with an open concept or tight space, they’ll help design the perfect statement for your space. A keystone wall’s versatility allows for endless possibilities to suit your style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install a keystone tile wall?

The cost can vary depending on materials, design, and scale. Our team provides free estimates so don’t hesitate to contact us!

What are the standard sizes for keystone tiles?  

Tiles typically come in random sizes between 4-12 inches long. This natural variation gives the handcrafted look many homeowners love. Our masons can also customize sizes for your specific project needs.

How long do keystone tile walls typically last?

When properly installed and maintained, keystone walls can endure for 100 years or more, as evidenced by the historic walls that still stand firm today. With their weather-resistant design, longevity is one of their most significant selling points!

Can keystone tile walls be constructed in any design or shape?  

Yes! Part of the charm is their versatility. Our talented masons can create curved walls, pillars, intricate patterns – you name it. Unique designs help set properties apart from the rest. 

What is the best way to care for and maintain a keystone tile wall over time?

Simply power washing 1-2 times yearly removes dirt and keeps them looking their best. We also offer annual wall inspections to catch any issues early. Contact us for all your stone care needs!

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At Simulated Keystone, we have been working with clients for over 4 decades to bring the look of natural stone and coral to their properties and businesses. We work with materials that are not only aesthetically beautiful and breathtaking but materials that are low maintenance, versatile and cost less than other materials. Whether you want to redecorate your home with an accent wall, customize your pool deck, or make your outdoor kitchen a more natural look, we can help. Give our team of experts a call today!

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