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Real Stone VS Manufactured Stone: Estimating their Costs and Actual Stone Value

Looking for a cost-saving yet awesome way to give a perfect treatment for your home? You might be wondering how much manufactured stone veneer cost. Or perhaps worried about choosing which is the better one between real stone vs manufactured stone?

It is quite obvious that the quality of a product would always be a top concern. So basically, this is where we’ll begin in differentiating the two stone products. Many people surely love the charm of the house with a stone accent wall, stone cladding or a brick house style, but not all can’t afford its’ luxury. That is why the popularity of Simulated Stone heightened wherein one may consider it as a complete package! How so? Simply because it can provide a distinct beauty comparable to the real stone but at the fraction of the cost!

Quality and Affordability of Real Stone VS Manufactured Stone

How many times have you wished for a better entryway? Or perhaps you wanted to add an extra touch of style for your sidings? You don’t have to worry about spending so much just to create a gorgeous accent wall. There is also a chance for you to add visual enhancements for your kitchen surfaces, fireplace. And even transform the stepping stones of your plain patio at a more attractive price point. Here are the main factors that support the quality and affordability of Simulated Stones compared to the Natural Stones.

Same Quality, Same Appealing Beauty But at Much Lower Cost

There is another way for you to add and enhance the beauty of your home other than using the traditional Natural Stones. When it comes to creating an impression while at the same time acquire a potential increase of value to your home, manufactured stone veneer or keystones can help you just the same as the real ones. With its’ variety of colors, patterns, and textures. You can also add visual appeal while eliminating the possible heartache brought by high price rates.

Natural stones may have unsurpassable durability but Simulated Stones are also available in a guaranteed high-quality structure which is actually paired up with flexibility and versatile feature. Among other common applications of unique stone tiles of keystones and faux stones.

Here are a few improvements you can do:

1. Manufactured Stone Countertops

2. Manufactured Stone Fireplace

3. Cast Stone Manufactures

4. Manufactured Stone Veneer Panels

5. Manufactured Coral Stone Columns

6. Manufactured Coral Stone Tiles

7. Manufactured Stacked Stones

8. Manufactured Stacked Stone Veneer

9. Manufactured Stepping Stones

10. Manufactured Stone Pool Deck

And even work with a distinct variety of stones like starfish stone tiles, seashell stone tiles or other unique stones such as the one from a distinguished lava stone tile manufacturer.
Manufactured stones also possess the identical feature of being supportive claddings and sidings for your home while promising a stress-free application. You can give an amazing statement for your entryway, wall accent and even for your front porch by outfitting it with simulated stones that will surely leave your guests in awe. Plus, it will definitely save you from spending too much and be able to successfully achieve the substantial result in terms of quality work and gorgeous beauty you’ve always wanted.

Application and Maintenance Costs

Whether it is for home exterior or interior enhancements, Manufactured Stones are not just design-friendly but more importantly offer cost-saving benefits when it comes to application and maintenance. Aside from being relatively lightweight which makes it easy to install, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance costs.

Generally, people are stressed over the application costs of natural stones, but Simulated Stone virtually eliminates it. Depending on who you’ve hired, the installation cost appears to be slightly reduced compared with Natural Stones. It is due to the repetitive application process for manufactured stones which is why most builders, architects, and homeowners preferred it as an easier option.

Without the need for a high budget, you can have a great selection of stone assortments that can perfectly match any style. Another thing that makes it a better option is how it is effectively applicable for any room or structure like pool deck, narrow walkways and stone façade. You can also experience much-defined savings derived from reduced transport and labor costs. But once you’ve decided to boost the value and visual appeal of your home, please do make sure that you choose only the experts in the filled. Hire the one with a proven reputation in providing manufactured excellence for both the product and service. And you can definitely find it and experience more with Simulated Keystones Corp.

The Verdict

Why spend thousands of dollars when you can have a guaranteed high-quality material that also offers the same elegance and beauty of natural stones? Manufactured stones might be simulated stones of the genuine stones but it doesn’t offer fewer possibilities for you to transform your home or any other existing structures into what you’ve wanted. It doesn’t compromise the quality and of course, the beauty you’re seeking and somewhat expecting from decorative stones.

It is also important to know that getting the best product doesn’t mean you have to empty your pockets and go bankrupt on your financial limits. And that same goes for paying pricey service rates.
Finding the real experts will make you realize how the best-manufactured stones with trustworthy service truly care for a customer beyond the established rates. For that reason, Simulated Keystone is established with a legacy to build and make your dreams a reality!

To know more of how advantageous it is to use Manufactured Stone Veneer and Keystones, let Simulated Keystone show you the other key benefits you can have with these amazing and affordable simulated stones! All you have to do is let the experts handle the work for you.

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