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Natural Stone VS Simulated Stone: Which is the Better Stone Choice?

If you wish to seek the underlying truth about why manufactured stone veneer or Simulated Stone is worth considering versus Natural Stone, then this is definitely a must-read!
More than just simply mapping out their pros and cons, we will share facts that will effectively prove their differences and their specific advantages on why you should have them installed to your home or commercial space, instead of the other rivaled option.

Understanding the Difference between Natural Stone Vs Simulated Stone

Manufactured stone or what others considered as Cultured Stone Veneer/Keystone Tile product is creating a hype in the stone industry and it continues to heighten its’ popularity since the day it entered the market. A lot of people are charmed with it because who wouldn’t want to experience the same elegance and durability of genuine solid stone tiles at a more reasonable price?

Here are the main factors that will categorize the competition between the natural stone versus simulated stone. These are also the reasons why Stone Veneer and Keystone Tile products are becoming more appealing both for residential and commercial settings.

A Test for Quality and Appearance

Genuine solid stones are what the name suggests. They are real and natural stones materialized and quarried from the earth. They usually are uniformly thick tile pieces which then created into the form of veneers and sidings. Their main advantage is extreme durability and their unrivaled appearance. They are less porous and farewell when exposed under natural elements like rain, wind and particularly the sunlight.
Meanwhile, the Manufacture Stones are man-made stone engineered to have characteristics replicating the appearance of the genuine solid stones. However, never underestimate the quality of Simulated Stone as they can be quite durable and versatile as well! Plus they are actually being preferred by most builders and architects, especially the homeowners in Florida.

Weighing their Aesthetic Value

Even though the concept is to match the real thing, the ability of Faux Stone Veneers in regards to the beauty department isn’t something to ignore. With a wide range of options for colors, patterns, and texture, it can effectively match whatever style or project plans you might have.

Simulated Stones are often regarded with striking features that create a gorgeous impression whether it is for any architectural applications in interior and exterior styling. It generally ranges from a manufactured stone accent wall, manufactured stone countertops, manufactured fireplace, manufactured stone veneer panels, manufactured stacked stone veneer and many more! Unique stone tiles also include starfish stone tile option or seashell stone tiles if you’re going for a bit of Beach House or Nautical theme.

Yes, Natural Stone can dramatically transform your house but with the beautiful appeal of Simulated Stone Veneer and Keystones, they’ll be an effective alternative if you’re going for a cost-saving route rather than the pricey one. Plus it can be hard to easily distinguish the Simulated Stone against Natural Stone because from afar they look quite similar unless you do take a really closer look. There are limitless chances of which you can enhance the beauty of your home with manufactured stones so you’ll surely love it!

If you wish to know more of how these two stones compete in creating visual appeal, please check out our other written blog entitled “Stone Veneer Natural VS Manufactured: An Extra Touch of Beauty for Your Accents and Sidings”

Installing and Application Process

The authenticity of the Natural Stone means that they can be really heavy so the installation process may turn out a bit difficult. It also requires professionals, who do know the method of application because a correct installation is highly critical. A miscalculated step or mistake in the installation process of the stone sidings may lead to deterioration of the actual sidings. It may also lead to cracks on the mortar in between the stone tiles that may permit moisture which later on creates the possibility of mold.

Whereas Simulated Stones are lightweight so it is less complicated due to the repetitive installation process. There are also options for acquiring preassemble stone veneer panels but still, it depends on the service you’ll hire and the installer’s ability. So better choose carefully and trust only the guaranteed experts.

Affordability and Maintenance

Yes, Natural Stones indeed have unsurpassable beauty but the downside is the cost. There is a big difference in the cost of these two wonderful stones. The Natural Stone may offer you authenticity but the Manufactured Stone Veneer can provide cost-saving benefits.

One of the many advantages of Simulated Stone is potential cost over a line-up of credits you have to pay. This pertains to materials you have to buy, the operating expenses for the installation/application service you have to hire and of course even the delivery of the stone materials. To know more how Faux Stone Veneer how you can enhance the beauty of your home or property at a low cost, take a look at our next blog about “Real Stone VS Manufactured Stone: Estimating their Costs and Actual Stone Value”.

Why Should You Choose Simulated Keystone?

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You deserve to have the best-crafted keystone with the same natural elegance of natural stone. Let Simulated Keystone fabulous faux stone manufactures can be in transforming your home into your envisioned dream!

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