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Looking For Natural and Simulated Keystone In Miami, Florida?

Miami is world-renowned for its tropical climate, beaches, and distinctive coastal architecture featuring abundant usage of Natural Stone. From the early 20th-century development influenced by railroad expansion to the Florida land boom of the 1920s, stone has played a defining role in Miami’s history and visual landscape. 

This guide will give you everything you need to know about selecting, installing, and maintaining stone in Miami. We’ll look at the most popular types of stone used locally – limestone, granite, marble, and more. As a South Florida stone supplier, Simulated Keystone understands Miami’s unique stone requirements better than anyone.

We’ll discuss indoor and outdoor stone applications and how to choose materials best suited for Florida’s climate. You’ll also learn about the various stone services available, from fabrication to restoration. Along the way, bullet point lists will break down proper care techniques for different stones.

Whether you are planning a new build, renovation, landscape project, or simply maintaining an existing home, Simulated Keystone has the expertise and selection to complete any job done right. Contact our Miami stone experts today to discuss your vision and get started.

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Popular Types of Stone Used in Miami Construction


Limestone is by far the most ubiquitous stone found throughout Miami. Also known as calcium carbonate, it has defined the city’s landscape since the early 20th century. During the Florida land boom of the 1920s, limestone became the material of choice for its accessibility and affordable price.

Walk down any street in Miami today, and you’ll spot the distinctive white and grey hues of limestone facades. It maintains a clean, classic look that has stood the test against Miami’s humid subtropical climate. Limestone is also highly durable and holds up well to weathering.

Varieties Like Oolitic Limestone

Within the limestone family are different varieties suited for various applications. Oolitic limestone, with its tiny round particles, is a popular choice. Quarries near Miami excavate high-quality oolitic deposits. The stone takes on a beautiful pebbled texture and is UV-resistant, making it an excellent outdoor option.


Granite’s captivating visual appeal makes it a status stone in Miami’s posh real estate circles. Forming deep underground as crystals and quartz excellent and solidify, no two granite slabs are exactly alike. This exotic aesthetic comes at a higher price point compared to limestone.

For those seeking to make a bold design statement, granite delivers. Its variety of rich colorations like deep browns, greys, and blacks complement Miami’s thriving modern. Architecture. Granite holds up well against the elements and requires minimal maintenance. Granite elevates any project for kitchen countertops, flooring, or exterior cladding.

Coastal Polishing Removes Etching

The only downside is that acidic rain can sometimes etch granite’s polished surface. But never fear; simulated Keystone offers coastal polishing services to restore the luxury finish without expensive replacement. Our stone experts have been keeping Miami looking gorgeous for decades.

Get in touch with Simulated Keystone today for a consultation. Request a quote for your next job and breathe new life into your home or business with locally sourced stone.

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The Florida Boom and Rise of Limestone

The Roaring 1920s in Miami

The 1920s represented enormous growth and transformation for Miami. Spurred on by increased seasonal tourism, improvements to transportation infrastructure, and sophisticated advertising campaigns, people across the US fell in love with the Magic City.

Between 1920 and 1925, Miami’s population exploded from just 30,000 to over 110,000. This began the legendary Florida land boom, as enormous sums of money poured into real estate speculation. Developers scrambled to erect new communities, hotels, shops, and residences at a breakneck pace.

Limestone Was the Go-To Building Material

With this massive expansion unfolding seemingly overnight, builders needed affordable and accessible materials. Limestone fits the bill perfectly. The stone was widely available from local quarries near towns like Ocala, just a couple hours north.

Compared to other options like marble, which had to be shipped in by sea, limestone provided an advantage in cost and supply chain reliability.

Construction teams could simply acquire limestone blocks from Florida quarries and transport them over land.

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Distinctive Mediterranean Revival Style Emerged

Architects favoring the sun-drenched Mediterranean Revival style found limestone the ideal medium. Textures and hues brought to mind Old World villas along the Italian and Spanish coasts. Before long, Miami came to be defined by its pastel-colored limestone structures with red tile roofs and arched windows.

Some of the most iconic buildings from this period include the Biltmore Hotel, and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and Coral Gables City Hall. All heavily featured the indigenous Florida limestone that let Miami’s development scene bellow with the economy.

Your Local Source for All Miami Stone Needs

Here at Simulated Keystone, we take immense pride in being a fully integrated Miami stone supplier and fabricator. For over many years, homeowners, builders, and commercial developers have relied on our expertise to complete a wide range of stone projects.

One-Stop-Shop for all your Stone Services

Whether you need custom fabrication for a new build, stone restoration for an existing structure, or landscape installation – we’ve got you covered. Our in-house capabilities allow seamless coordination from start to finish.

A few of the services we provide include:

  • Kitchen and bath countertops cut from granite, quartz, and marble
  • Flooring for residences, offices, and retail spaces 
  • Outdoor pool decks, patios, driveways
  • Fireplaces, vanities, and more
  • Restoration of etched limestone facades
  • Installation of pavers, sculpture, and architectural features

Only the Finest Local Stone Materials

As Floridians ourselves, we understand the importance of utilizing stone durable enough to withstand the rugged climate. That’s why we exclusively source all our inventory from trusted quarries within the state.

Stop by our showroom in Doral to browse gorgeous slab samples up close. Our experienced representatives can help envision your desired look and create tailored mockups.

Friendly Service at Competitive Rates

At Simulated Keystone, friendliness and affordability are as essential as high-quality artistry.

We strive to make the stone process stress-free, so you enjoy the results for years to come. Why not get in touch and start planning your next exciting project today?

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Stone Fabrication Services for Homes and Commercial Spaces

Transforming Raw Stone into Works of Art

Our expert fabrication team takes immense pride in turning raw stone slabs into finished pieces of functional art for your home or business.

With the latest CNC machinery, these craftsmen can precisely cut, shape, and finish even the most intricate custom designs.

Kitchen and Bath Countertops

Whether carved from marble, quartz, or granite, our countertops are a focal feature. Unique edge profiles, integrated basins, or tiles create stunning impact. Our templating process ensures a perfect fit for the first time.

Interior and Exterior Flooring

Walking on polished limestone, travertine or slate floors is an indulgence. We produce large format tiles efficiently for any commercial or residential application. Outdoor patios and pool decks are also available.

Fireplaces and Design Features 

From simple mantels to ornate surrounds with delicate floral inlays, we transform stone into luxury. Unique water features, vanity tops, and architectural installations are our specialty. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

Maximize your Florida lifestyle with outdoor kitchens and furniture. We expertly cut stone for grills, bars, and accent pieces made to withstand Miami’s climate. Swimming pool copings and landscape pavers complete the look.

Showroom Consultations

Visit our Miami showroom for an immersive fabrication experience. Discuss your unique project with skilled representatives. Using 3D modeling software, they precisely design custom concepts for effortless approval and installation.  

Our team takes great pride in impressing even the most discerning clients. Whether a simple renovation or grand estate build, trust Simulated Keystone to realize your stone visions. We look forward to sharing our craft!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most commonly used types of stone for buildings in Miami?

Hands down it’s limestone and granite. Limestone defined Miami’s past with its prevalence in 1920s architecture. Today granite remains hip for its eye-catching natural patterns. Another must is marble – it adds pristine polished elegance to bathrooms and kitchens. 

2. How do I choose the right type of stone for an indoor or outdoor application? 

Consider the look you want plus durability for your climate. Limestone excels outside but needs sealing. Granite does well everywhere. The marble looks heavenly indoors but needs protection from UV rays. Chat with our experts – we can recommend options and help prevent costly mistakes.

3. What services does a stone fabricator provide?

As a full-service fabricator, we can handle your whole project. Our craftsmen skillfully cut, finish and polish slabs into any shape. Do you need a kitchen backsplash, fireplace surround, or an outdoor living space? We’ve got you covered and aim to exceed expectations with quality workmanship. 

4. How can I properly care for and maintain existing stone in my home?

Routine cleaning and resealing is key to protect your investment. We recommend a spray pH-neutral cleaner and reapplying sealant yearly. Don’t use harsh chemicals or seal dirty surfaces. For restoration, our professionals can revitalize etched limestone and remove stains. With proper aftercare, your stone will look renovated for years.

5. What should I consider in my budget for a new stone project?  

The budget will vary depending on materials, project size, and custom elements. Get in touch for a free estimate – we’ll help you select the right stone within your means and keep costs transparent throughout. Our experienced team ensures you get the most beauty and value for your dollar. Now let’s make that vision a reality!

Whether you have a new build, renovation, landscape project, or simply need to maintain your existing home, Simulated Keystone is here to help. With our expertise and wide selection of high-quality natural and simulated keystones, we have what it takes to complete any job to perfection. Contact our Miami stone experts today to discuss your vision and get started. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a free quote – our team is ready to assist you in bringing your dream project to life.