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Natural Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer: Manufactured and Natural

If you are an amateur person then you are definitely familiar with the use of stone veneer. This is undoubtedly one of the sophisticated coverings that add charm to your interior. Now there is a fight between stone veneers natural vs manufactured. In case you are thinking of adorning your home with this then first you gather some knowledge of the above.

What is this all about?

Stone veneer is a sober looking covering. It enhances curb appeal to your house. It protects what it covers and provides a pleasing sophistication. Now, this thing appears in two forms, manufactured and natural. Manufactured stones come under the influence of human activity. Whereas, natural stones like real stone veneer originates from nature. Now let’s move on to the discussion of their distinction.

Manufactured stone veneer

Nowadays, people find it baffling to identify the distinction between manufactured stones and real stone veneer. The construction of manufactured stones includes cement and oxides. But despite that, it looks similar to the real one. The basic difference of the fake and the real is their strength and intensity of colour. Artificial stones are not strong and long-lasting as natural stones. But definitely involves a less risky installation.

Natural stone veneer

Natural thing is always more impressive than the artificial one. They are rather sturdier and long lasting. Real stone veneer comes in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures. This authentic product of nature consists of pure stone and thus a little heavy. However, if you are about to install them at your place, make sure to hire a professional installer.

People with amateur nature love this kind of texture. Most importantly, not only a good installation, you need to maintain it for years. But if the difference between stone veneers natural vs manufactured perplexes you, take some expert advice.