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Key differences between real stone and manufactured stone

There is a number of mild but prominent differences between real stone and manufactured. If you want to get the details in deep then this blog is just for you. Although, if you experience both the stones from a distance, you won’t find anything wrong. The distinctions are at the basic level. Only a skilled installer can reveal the true fight of the real stone vs manufactured.

Major differences between real stone and manufactured

  •        Colour: While buying stone, do not get impressed by the highly intensified colour. Natural types of stone veneer possess natural colour, whereas lab-assistants apply attractive intense colour to the manufactured stones. This is simply to attract potential buyers. So do not get trapped.
  •        Weight: The seller may advise you to buy the stones with low weight. But do not say yes, until you make sure it is original. This is because natural elements are always heavy and hard to handle. On the other hand, artificial types of stone veneer are less weighty. So ask your seller to provide the genuine product, not the duplicate.
  •        Long lasting: If your seller assures you the longevity of the stone, then it is an authentic deal. May the original stones are heavy and troublesome to install, but they run a long race. Once you install a genuine stone it will not bother you for years. So while dealing with your seller, check if he is allowing any guarantee period or not. In case he is less confidence move on.
  •        The price: To be very honest. The original product is always expensive. So If you find different types of stone veneer in just a few bucks, ignore. So pay well and get a standard item that enhances your interior, exterior as well as your status.

Do not keep any pell-mell attitude while dealing with your time and money. Read above and understand the conflicts between real stone vs manufactured.