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Simulated Keystone Offers Wide Selection Of Stones Throughout the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a tropical paradise renowned for their beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush landscapes. Stretching from the southern tip of Florida over 100 miles into the Gulf of Mexico, the Keys are composed of over 6,000 islands and are known as one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Located just 90 miles from Cuba, the unique geography and climate of the Florida Keys have fostered the growth of many types of tropical and subtropical flora and fauna. Visitors come to enjoy activities like fishing, boating, swimming with dolphins, and relaxing on the picture-perfect sandy shores. The islands’ historic charm and laid-back atmosphere have attracted many full-time residents.

As a leader in natural stone services for the Florida Keys, Simulated Keystone knows firsthand how the region’s coastal weathering influences building and design. Limestone, also called coral stone, is abundant here due to the area’s geological history as ancient coral reefs. We provide a full suite of limestone/coral stone products and installation services to enhance commercial and residential outdoor living spaces in the Florida Keys. Some of our speciality services include coral stone columns, tiles, pavers, pool coping, landscape walls, and fireplace features – all crafted to withstand the tropical climate.

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Coral Stone Columns in the Florida Keys

Nothing says “Florida Keys” like a column crafted from indigenous coral stone. As the region’s top masonry services provider, we at Simulated Keystone have installed hundreds of coral stone columns for homes, businesses, and waterfront properties throughout the archipelago.

Thanks to the unique geological history of the Florida Keys, coral limestone is abundant here. Over centuries, ancient coral reefs built up layer upon layer, eventually forming the porous limestone you see throughout the islands today. Its appearance ranges from creams and tans to shades of reddish pink.

Coral stone columns are a beloved architectural element for several reasons:

  • Authentic Tropical Style: There’s no better way to capture the laidback Keys vibe than with traditional column accents from the local stone.
  • Durability: Whether installed indoors or out, our coral stone columns can withstand sea spray, tropical heat, and dampness for decades with little maintenance.
  • Customization: We craft each column by hand, allowing endless options for sizing, shape, and detail work like fluting or milling the surface for added texture.

Some popular installations we’ve completed include free-standing columns, flanking entries, structural supports for wraparound porches or covered deck areas, and decorative elements distinguishing commercial facades. We’ve even incorporated stone columns into unique poolscapes to frame water features. 

Proper sealing is vital to protecting coral stone columns from damage in the Florida climate over time. Our masonry professionals can apply a penetrating sealant specifically formulated on porous limestone. Reapply every few years for enduring protection. Beyond an occasional wash with a mild detergent, that’s all the care needed to maintain your columns’ natural beauty.

Whether integrating stately columns into your Georgian- or Spanish-style home or adding subtle ornamentation to your business’s nautical ambience, coral stone lends enduring appeal. We’d love to discuss custom conceptual designs utilizing this iconic Florida material.

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Decorative Coral Stone Tiles

Whether you call it coral stone, quarried limestone, or coquina, one thing is sure: decorative tiles from this indigenous material add instant island charm to any Florida Keys space.

As the region’s premier stone provider and masonry contractor, we offer a wide assortment of coral stone tile options for indoor and outdoor applications. Some popular uses for our textured tiles include:

  • Backsplashes: Coral stone’s variegated hues create a beautiful backdrop in coastal-inspired kitchens and baths.
  • Floors: Our dense, durable tiles withstand high foot traffic and are ideal for entryways, laundry rooms, lanais, and pool decks
  • Outdoor Kitchens: Nothing sets an alfresco cooking space apart like a tiled cooking and prep surface crafted from local stone.
  • Fireplaces: A coral mantel and hearth tie indoor spaces to the natural landscape outside.
  • Patios: Coral tiles transform outdoor rooms, whether laid in a simple running-bond pattern or cut into intricate mosaic designs.
Simulated Keystone

But don’t just take our word for it – see how our tiles bring an airy sense of island escapism to any Florida Keys residence or business. We maintain a vast on-site inventory of tile shapes, sizes, and colours, so you’re sure to find just the palette to accent your unique style.

For floor applications, our skilled installers also offer precision cutting and levelling of each tile for a flawless, flat surface. And because every coral stone slab varies slightly in hue due to the material’s natural origins, we can custom blend tiles during installation for an aesthetically blended, non-repetitive look.

Whether working with a homeowner on a weekend bathroom refresh or with commercial architects on a large-scale, high-end resort project, we aim to exceed expectations with our tile services and expertise. 

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Natural Pools & Decking

Here in the Keys, nothing ties an outdoor oasis together like incorporating the natural beauty of local stone into your poolscape and entertaining areas. As the premier masonry contractor on the islands, we specialize in crafting one-of-a-kind water features, copings, and decking from indigenous coral stone and keystone.

Whether you call it coral rock, oohed stone, or oolite limestone, the dense mineral makes fabulous material for:

  • Pool copings: Our textured stone creates a finished border that stands up to the elements for decades with little maintenance required.
  • Waterline tile: Wrap the pool perimeter at the waterline with coral tiles for a cohesive look.
  • Decking: Nothing complements the seaside like an expansive plank coral stone deck or paver patio surrounding an island pool.
  • Sandstone features: Soften the area with a stone grotto, enhanced with water play or dry-laid sandstone designs.

Our masons also build fully customized natural pools crafted from the same beautiful local coquina used in local landmarks for centuries. Eschewing a traditional gunite surface, a natural stone pool integrates into the native Florida landscape.

Whether working with an existing concrete pool needing coping or an entire new tropical oasis, we handle everything from design consultations to full tear-out and installation. Believe us when we say our coral stone and keystone additions don’t just look good – they withstand cracking or fading and require little more than an occasional rinse to keep them picture-perfect for years.

Give your Florida Keys backyard the authentic sense of coastal escape it deserves. Contact us today to discuss how Simulated Keystone can turn your pool party paradise visions into lush island reality!

Stone Fabrication Services for Homes and Commercial Spaces

Whether accessing your beach bungalow or navigating the grounds of your island estate, nothing sets the scene better than an artfully designed natural stone driveway or walkway.

As the premier masonry and landscape contractor for the Florida Keys, we pride ourselves on crafting paved surfaces that withstand tropical elements and high traffic yet exude timeless coastal charm. Some of our most popular options include:

  • Pavers: Whether laid in intricate geometric patterns or a simple herringbone, coral stone and keystone pavers create a rolled gravel look preferred for lanes and walkways.
  • Slabs: We cut and lay polished coral flagstone or tile in contemporary linear forms for seamless expenses like large driveways.
  • Stepping stones: Boulders or stone cubes laid casually make charming garden paths or lead from the drive up to your entry.

Beyond aesthetics, coral, oolite limestone, and coquina offer inherent advantages over artificial materials in this climate – they allow rainwater to permeate while withstanding heat, sunlight, and salt air for decades with routine sweeping.

We aim to transform more than just your transportation routes but create welcoming, comfortable outdoor spaces. Our skilled masons artfully integrate design elements like decorative edging, lighting, and tropical plantings.

Whether you require a simple refresh of an existing driveway or envision something completely bespoke, rely on our expertise to guide your design vision and install the highest quality coral stone surfaces with the utmost precision. Not only will your new paved areas stand the test of time, but they’ll also transport you to relaxed island living every time you meander up your lane!

Simulated KeyStone

Interior & Exterior Flooring

Whether residing in your island oasis full-time or enjoying coastal getaways, nothing enhances the connection to a place like natural stone floors crafted from indigenous coral, limestone, and quartzite. 

As the premier stone provider and masonry installation specialists in the Keys, we offer diverse indoor and outdoor flooring options to tie your spaces together in a seamless island style. Some of our favourite flooring materials include:

  • Travertine Tile: With its pebbly variations in colour and subtle veining, travertine lends an airy, Mediterranean vibe inside or out.
  • Quarry Tile: With a slate-like appearance, quarry floors are built to withstand the elements that line outdoor rooms, patios, and walkways.
  • Marble Tile: Classic luxury underfoot, our polished marble selections range from neutrals to energetic patterns.
  • Limestone: Reclaimed coral warehouse floors or honed limestone lend stately tradition.

But rest assured – as the only flooring source utilizing local Keys stone, our dense tileables stand up to tropical storms, sun, and sand indoors or alfresco.

Our expert masons meticulously prepare subfloors lay each piece with precise spacing, and then grout and seal. Beyond withstanding nature’s tests of time, natural stone also regulates temperature during sweltering summers. 

Whether your taste veers nautical or tropical contemporary, we help transition spaces. Coral stone flows easily from inside living out through glass walls dividing screened porches. View our wide-plank quartzite selections – rustic yet resilient for lanais, foyers, and more.

Finally, natural floors require little maintenance versus synthetic look-alikes. Call to discuss full flooring installations or simple accent insets showcasing the Keys’ signature materials in your abode or business.

Custom Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Here in the tropical Florida Keys, nothing beats relaxing outside at the end of the day. And no exterior design element enhances an island evening’s ambience like a custom masonry fireplace or fire pit crafted from indigenous coral stone and sandstone.  

As the region’s premier stone masons, we love designing and building showstopper fire features for indoor living spaces and outdoor oasis areas. Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary, some of our speciality materials include:

  • Coral Stone: With its subtle tones and textures, coral creates classic yet laid-back fireplaces and pits.
  • Sandstone: A soft grey or taupe sandstone fireplace mantel anchors a coastal great room.
  • Square Tile: Industrial chic fire pits with square-cut natural stone exude nautical charm.
  • Stacked Ledgestone: Rustic random Ledgestone builds a two-sided fireplace perfect for outdoor indoor living.
Simulated Keystone

Beyond design, our artisans have handled all engineering, installation, and permitting for years to ensure safe, worry-free operation. And because tropical storms and humidity prevail, we seal each fireplace and surrounding patio with durable penetrating sealants.

Whether you long for a complete kitchen island fireplace, tiki bar fire pit, or grand double-sided stone wall anchoring your poolside lounge, our custom concepts will wow. Enjoy intimate gatherings warmed by a lantern-style tabletop pit or entertain with an elegant freestanding bonfire feature—we help turn your outdoor space into a paradise!

So before you call another company, discuss your vision with the islands’ most experienced builders. We’ll help design the perfect finishing touch for elevating your slice of island leisurely living to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of stones are commonly used in the Florida Keys?

The most prevalent indigenous stones found throughout the Florida Keys include coral stone, also called oolitic limestone or coquina. It forms the islands’ bedrock and yields gorgeous creamy white, pink, and grey hues. Quartzite, keystone, and sandstone are abundant locally and contribute beautiful textures. 

2. How do I maintain stone features like columns, pavers, and flooring in the humid Florida weather?  

Routine maintenance involves occasional rinse with a hose or power wash to remove any surface dirt or salt residue. Reapply a natural stone sealant every 2-3 years to protect against moisture, acids, and stains. For high-touch floor areas, resealing may be needed annually. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives that could damage the stone over time.

3. What tools and materials do I need to install my coral stone tile or pavers?

Critical materials include tiles or pavers, a polymer-modified thin-set adhesive, grout, grout sealer, and tooling accessories like a notched trowel, grout float, and sponge floats. A circular saw or wet saw helps cut tiles. Safety gear like knee pads, gloves, and eye protection should also be worn. Proper substrate preparation is crucial for durable results.

4. How much does it cost to have a professional install coral stone pavers for a driveway?

The cost to install coral stone pavers ranges significantly depending on material costs, project size, and scope of work. On average, a professional paver installation runs between $8-15 per square foot with extensive site work, grading, edging, and base preparation factored in. For a typical 1-car driveway of 300-500 square feet, expect to pay $2,500-$7,500 for a turnkey job by a seasoned masonry contractor. An on-site assessment is needed for an accurate quote.

5. I want a natural stone fireplace – what style options are popular for Florida Keys homes

Traditional styles like elegant floor-to-ceiling coral stone masonry fireplaces complement Spanish Revival architecture, while glass-enclosed wood-burning units create an open concept ideal for lanais. Stacked ledge stone and floor inserts in limestone let the outside in. A coral stone wall with built-in seating and an open-hearth fire pit defines an outdoor great room. Custom designs of freestanding fire circles are popular for relaxed island entertaining. Consultation helps choose the best style.

As a leader in natural stone services, Simulated Keystone understands the unique influence of the region’s coastal weathering on building and design. With our simulated keystone product, you can achieve the look of a natural keystone without the environmental impact. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, our full suite of services and expertise will ensure your project reflects the authentic beauty of the Florida Keys. Contact us today to discover how we can bring the timeless elegance of simulated keystone to your next project.