Simulated Keystone Corp.

About Us

We specialize in replicating & customizing Florida keystone in its natural elements such as coloring and detail to suit any decor. Whether you want natural, modern (white wall), floors, walls, ceiling, pool coping, pavers, driveways, columns, customized counter top. We have hundreds of coral faces in our gallery. LET US HELP YOU CREATE A UNIQUE LOOK THAT CANNOT COMPARE TO ANY OTHER.

Simulated Keystone

Why Choose Us?

Simulated Keystone


The cost of simulated keystone is far less than the cost of the different types of coral cut from the earth. We are able to make various sizes that would not be cost effective otherwise, such as 16x16", 24x240", 16x32", 34x46". and 36x60" tile and panels in any thickness requested for use in many applications.

Florida Keystone Best Designs

To save a protected resource of florida keystone, we reproduce our tile from slabs we have had for over 3 decades and only keep the best designs nature has to offer. This is the green way to enjoy recreation of coral fossils in today's beautiful architectural design.